Imlie 16th January 2024 Written Update

Imlie 16th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie 16th January 2024 episode starts with Vishwa telling Imlie that it is time for her statement.

Imlie says that she should have trusted him while Vishwa says that it is not her fault.

She then says that Vishwa has also lied to her and now that his revenge has been taken and the family has been destroyed, he should confess the truth.

Navya enters and stops Vishwa from telling the truth as Imlie cannot be trusted to which Vishwa says that Imlie has seen Agastya's truth and now he will tell her his truth.

Imlie starts recording while Vishwa replies that the video was a fake one and the truth is that the man is alive whom he accused Agastya of killing.

Later, Imlie goes and gives her a statement and says that Agastya did not kidnap her and it was Vishwa who blackmailed her.

She tells everyone and the police that they planned to expose Vishwa which makes the inspector ask Vishwa to surrender his weapon and then asks Agastya to tell the truth.

Agastya confesses the truth and says that Imlie has Vishwa's recorded confession and also the man who was used by Vishwa as a decoy.

The inspector says that the investigation will be immediate and Vishwa's future is at stake.

Imlie goes to Navya and says that the revenge lust has ruined her life while Annapoorna backs her up.

Vishwa says that the game is not over while Annapoorna goes to Imlie and says that she is ashamed of herself for not trusting Imlie.

Imlie starts crying and says that her heart used to ache to see everyone in pain.

Agastya starts playing the piano to lighten the mood while everyone sways to Agastya's melodious notes.

Meanwhile, Navya blames Vishwa for losing the battle and asks him to leave her alone which makes Vishwa cry.

Elsewhere, Imlie is packing her bags which makes Agastya ask why she has this need to leave the house when everything is sorted.

Imlie asks him to give her a reason but he remains quiet after which the rest of the family members enter and tease Agastya by saying that Imlie can't stay together as Agastya is not giving her any reason to.

Annapurna says that this is Chaudhary mansion and not the USA and that she would allow a live-in relationship and that is why Imlie should move to her room instead.

Agastya picks up Imlie's bag and sees that it is empty which makes him ask why Imlie has been putting on a dramatic scene that she will leave the house then why did she leave her sarees?

Agastya answers his question and says that she must have left them for him to wear which makes Imlie ask if he knows how to drape one.

He tells Imlie that he knows Imlie wants to hear something from him which makes Imlie reply that he will say it.

They both fight over who will confess first which makes Sonali lock them inside the room to decide.

They decide that tomorrow whoever will lose the flight competition will confess the truth to Makarsankranti.

Later, Imlie sees Vishwa trying to talk to Navya but she is not responding.

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