Imlie 16th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 16th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 16th March 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 16th March 2023 episode starts with Rudra being perplexed as to why Dhairya intended to attack the Rana family.

Akash informs him that the 50 lakh fraud was committed by him and it was simple for him to do so because he was the supervisor.

Keya joins Akash and claims that because Rudra was preoccupied with Imlie and Cheeni's drama in the house, Dhairya took advantage of his absence from the office, while Atharva is enraged and declares that it is now a personal war between him and Dhairya.

Meanwhile, Imlie passes ways in the corridor with Shivani and asks her the name of the guy who attacked them and Shivani says 'Dhairya'.

Shivani informs Imlie that she has heard his name before, and Atharva and Akash goes with bodyguards to investigate the matter.

Imlie recalls hearing the name from Akash while he was on the phone earlier and goes on to look for Atharva.

When she discovers that Atharva has already left, she drives alone in an attempt to locate him.

Meanwhile, Atharva is searching for Dhairya belligerently in the colony, and two men inform him that Dhairya is repairing the pipe on the terrace.

Meanwhile, Imlie reaches out and searches for Dhairya and Atharva because she believes Dhairya is innocent, and when she fails to find him, she asks her Sita Maiya for help.

While a massive water tank is about to fall from the terrace onto Imlie, a man saves her by stopping the tank, and later two men approach him and inform him that some people are wondering where Dhairya is.

She calls out to him and asks if he is Dhairya, and he jumps down from the terrace in front of Imlie and introduces himself as Dhairya Hooda.

Imlie asks him if he was the one who ordered the men to attack them, to which he is astounded and denies it.

Meanwhile, a sound tells Imlie to step back from that man, and as they both turn, they see Atharva standing there, claiming that Rudra trusts and respects every employee at Rana Industrialists.

As Atharva approaches Dhairya, he angrily grabs his collar and warns him that he will not tolerate him because he attacked their family.

Dhairya warns him not to even try because he will slam Atharva's head so hard that he will lose consciousness. 

Meanwhile, Imlie stops Atharva and asks him to come with her for a moment because she needs to inform him of something very important.

Dhairya hears a loud noise and runs towards it, where he finds Akash in his house with the bodyguards who are destroying and smashing things.

Meanwhile, Imlie informs Atharva that Dhairya has not done anything, which enrages Atharva even more and prompts him to ask her how she is so certain.

Imlie claims she heard Akash say that Dhairya is on leave because her mother is ill.

Then a lady passes by, coughing and appearing weak, and Imlie and Atharva assist her.

The lady asks if they've seen her son and reveals his name is Dhairya, which surprises Atharva.

Imlie informs the lady that Dhairya works for their company, which shocks her and prompts her to touch Atharva's feet for blessings.

She informs them that her son spent the entire time caring for her and did not leave her for even a second, and she also asks for forgiveness if there has been any loss as a result of his absence.

Atharva realizes that Dhairya is a loyal worker and that Akash lied to him about Dhairya and Imlie, and he offers to drop her off at home.

As they enter the house, the lady discovers her home has been completely destroyed and sobs and Atharva realizes his blunders.

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