Imlie 16th March 2024 Written Update

Imlie 16th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Imli telling Surya that Malti is out of danger right now.

In the meantime, the constable informs Surya that Sonali and Chutki came for Imli’s bail.

Surya cuts the call and stares at Imli whereas Sonali reaches home after which Dadi asks her about Surya and Imli.

Sonali tells her that she does not know about Imli and Surya whereas Surya brings Imli to a godown.

She asks him why did he bring her there after which he yells at her and says that she is responsible for everything that is happening in the family.

He blames her for killing Monty and revoking his wedding with Binni after which he also considers her responsible for Malti’s condition.

Surya refers to Imli as a slow poison who will kill everyone one day while Imli feels bad and cries while he says that he will ruin her life.

Imli complains to him and expresses her grief to him mentioning that Augustya was everything for her and before dying he gave the responsibility of his family over her head.

She tells Surya that she is just fulfilling her responsibility and asks him to not consider her wrong.

Surya looks into Imli’s eyes with a lot of rage but he receives a call from Dadi and she asks him to give the phone to her.

Dadi says that she is feeling guilty because of her actions which she did with Imli while Surya puts the call on speaker.

Imli cries hearing Dadi saying that she wants to meet Imli and hug her while Dadi overhears Imli crying after which she asks Imli to come home soon.

Dadi curses herself for thinking Imli is wrong every time after which everyone asks for an apology from from Imli.

Sonali tells Imli that Chaudraies does not deserve an angel like her and she asks her to go back to Petha Nagar.

Dadi snatches the phone from Sonali’s hand and asks her to call Dadiya one time for Augustya after which Imli holds the phone and says Dadiya which melts Dadi’s heart.

After that, Dadi sits down and starts crying and tells Imli that without her whole family is incomplete after which she asks Imli to come home soon.

Dadi asks Surya to not consider Imli responsible for his suffering after which everyone asks him to come along with Imli.

Surya cuts the call and snatches the phone from his hand and yells at Imli for ruining his life.

He tells Imli that he will make her life next to hell so that she can feel it she is alive while Imli asks for water from him.

Surya goes to bring water for her after which she is about to run away from there but he catches her after which she tells him that she is having her board exams tomorrow.

Imli requests Surya to allow her to take the exams but he ties her hands with rope whereas Chaudries wonders what will Surya do to Imli.

Dadi says that she has trust in Surya and that he will not do anything wrong to Imlie and she also tells him that she has found a way to find Imli and Surya.

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