Imlie 16th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 16th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 16th May 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 16th May 2023 episode starts with Imlie telling Rudra that even if the electricity goes away in this little girl’s house, Kerry’s smile will always light up everyone’s face.

She says Kerry is such a sweetheart while Rudra inquires about Kerry’s family and whether Imlie has met Kerry’s family.

Imlie replies that she does not know anything about Kerry’s family and Rudra feels relaxed as he thinks it is better that Imlie does not know about Cheeni.

He urges Imlie to go to sleep when Imlie tells mournfully that God does not provide happiness to everyone.

After Imlie goes to sleep, Rudra makes up his mind to find out how Cheeni is related to Kerry, and shows up at Cheeni’s house the next day.

Rudra asks Cheeni about her relationship with Kerry while Cheeni replies that she is Kerry’s mom.

She further states that she is Kerry’s best friend since every mom dreams of being a friend to her daughter but Rudra reminds her that Kerry calls her “best friend”.

Rudra does not say anything more after hearing this and he watches sternly as Cheeni returns to her home.

However, when he turns to leave, he hears Cheeni calling someone so he decides to peek into the house.

He gets stunned to find Cheeni and Atharva having breakfast in the living room and the memory of Atharva getting into an accident comes rushing back to him.

Tears roll down his eyes as he overhears Atharva thanking Cheeni for being his support after his own father chose Dhariya over him.

Athrava further clarifies that Rudra only prioritizes his business over him and so, he left the Rana family.

Rudra silently walks away from the house, thinking that Atharva is living happily with Cheeni whereas Imlie is living her life with Atharva's memories.

He tells himself that he cannot tell Kerry and Atharva's truth to Imlie as it will shatter her so he needs to keep his mouth zipped.

Meanwhile, Imlie takes the female family members of the Rana family shopping where Devika notices a shirt that reminds her of Atharva.

She thinks to herself that if Atharva was alive, she would gift this to him.

Atharva and Cheeni are also in the same shopping mall to buy a shirt for Atharva when Atharva's eyes fall over a gown but he is unable to buy it for Kerry as he does not have that much money.

Imlie is also in the same shop yet she does not see Atharva, instead, she also buys the same outfit for Kerry which Atharva wanted to buy for her.

Later, Cheeni notices all the Rana family members walking toward her and pulls Atharva into a shop, and to distract him, she buys an expensive shirt for him.

Cheeni thinks to herself that Rana family will also be there at the summer camp so, she needs to make sure that Atharva does not recognize them.

On the other hand, Rudra's heart skips a beat as Kerry calls him grandpa, realizing that Kerry is his real granddaughter while Kerry orders Rudra to dress up as a joker.

Afterward, Dhariya tells Imlie that he is always with her as her friend which does not escape Rudra's eyes.

Rudra makes up his mind to bring Dhariya and Imlie close.

Whereas Cheeni informs Atharva that she will be a witch and Atharva will be a joker when they will go to the fancy dress competition.

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