Imlie 17th April 2023 Written Update

Imlie 17th April 2023 Written Update

Imlie 17th April 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 17th April 2023 episode starts with Atharva realizing his error and informing Devika that he will immediately apologize to Imlie.

Meanwhile, Imlie is driving at full speed to find out who is supporting Cheeni in her wicked deeds this time.

Dhairya, on the other hand, is horrified and scared of Imlie's resolve to learn more about him, and Atharva calls Imlie just as Imlie is about to reveal Dhairya's true identity.

Imlie is distracted by Atharva's call, and Dhairya eventually hurries away with Cheeni and stops Imlie by throwing all the drums in front of her car.

She does, however, receive the phone, and Atharva apologizes to her and inquires about her whereabouts.

Imlie declares that she will come home today by destroying all misunderstandings outside, and she hurries up her car to confront the reality about Cheeni's partner.

As she drives, she notices the CCTV footage of Dhairya in the purple cap and knows he was the one attempting to harm the Rana family all along.

However, Dhairya, who is driving, notices Imlie in front of their car and, as he loses control, sides the car, forcing both of them to exit.

Imlie confronts Cheeni, accusing her of being a shameless lady for inadvertently injuring Rudra and changing the concert dates.

Meanwhile, when Anu arrives with the Police inspector, the entire Rana family is celebrating a surprise samosa party.

She alleges Imlie disguised her identity and forcibly entered her home, which shocks everyone.

Devika and Atharva support Imlie, claiming that there must have been a misunderstanding, and the Inspector informs them that Cheeni was freed from jail two days earlier.

This makes Atharva realize Imlie is searching for Cheeni and prompts him to question Anu about it.

In his concern, Atharva calls Imlie, but when he does not receive an answer, he contacts the police to check on Cheeni.

Anu tries to deter them by informing them that Cheeni is relaxing in the house, and the police go hunting for Cheeni and determine whether or not she is inside the house.

Imlie, on the other hand, challenges Dhairya about why he allied with Cheeni and why he is seeking vengeance against the Rana family.

She describes how Rudra trusted Dhairya and declared him to be his son, but all Dhairya did was injure him.

She is determined to reveal to Rudra everything, but Dhairya interrupts her by tying her hands and telling her to stop talking as Cheeni flees into the car.

When a man notifies Dhairya about Kala's poor condition, he brings Imlie close to his residence.

When Cheeni arrives at the house, the entire Rana mansion confronts her.

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