Imlie 17th February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 17th February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 17th February 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 17th February 2023 episode starts with Atharva and Imlie getting scared while the people on the ground notice it and start planning a safe route.

The public manages to find a net and stretch it out while Imlie tells Atharva about it.

Atharva removes some sandbags from the side and runs to Imlie's side to balance the weight.

However, before they can do much, the balloon catches fire scaring Imlie even more.

Atharva tells her that they have to jump from the balloon and convinces her to go first.

The pair jumps from the balloon before it catches fire fully and land on the net.

The family members rush to the pair asking if they are fine or not while hugging them.

Cheeni hides her face and tries to escape while Imlie's vision land on her, making her doubtful.

Further, the family members start getting in their cars to go home while Cheeni drives away fast, thinking that she has to reach home before Imlie.

Imlie sees Keya's ticket and gets even more doubtful seeing that the family members had the tickets for stall 6 while she got one for stall 9.

She tells Atharva to sit in the passenger seat and makes an excuse that she is very hungry so she is driving fast.

Meanwhile, Cheeni's car breaks down, making her worried even more.

Later, Imlie returns home and Shivani greets the family while Imlie runs to check on Cheeni.

She opens the door and gets shocked to see Cheeni while the flashback shows Cheeni managing to get a taxi and enter her room through the balcony side.

Back in the preset, Cheeni smiles and lies to Imlie that she was at home only while Imlie scolds herself for doubting.

However, as she is leaving, she notices the dirt on Cheeni's shoes and questions her about it.

Cheeni again lies and makes up an excuse that she had gone to the garden downstairs to get fresh air.

As Imlie leaves Cheeni's room, Atharva meets her halfway with a plate of food and tells her to sit and eat since she made a rocket out of the car due to her being hungry.

Imlie goes to the garden and checks the soil as it is wet while the soil on Cheeni's shoes was dry.

She also sees the storeroom door open and goes to check it out.

She finds Cheeni's earrings stuck in a mattress and realizes that Cheeni did not get any injuries even after jumping from the balcony since she landed on a mattress.

Imlie thinks that Cheeni can do anything and thinks to question her as her redemption drama seems next to impossible now.

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