Imlie 17th January 2024 Written Update

Imlie 17th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie 17th January 2024 episode starts with Agastya boasting that he is the best kite flyer, making Imlie call him a sore loser.

Both of them break into a cute little fight after which Imlie asks if she can call Vishwa and Navya.

Agastya gets angry and says that Imlie has gone mad to which Imlie says that they are their relatives and also they can't stretch out this tension.

Anapoorna agrees with Imlie which makes Imlie go to Vishwa and see him completely unconscious.

Avinash comes and tells Imlie that Vishwa must not have eaten anything and that is why his insulin level is very low and it just be because Navya did not eat anything.

Imlie goes to Navya and begs her to open the door when Vishwa tells her to drop the act of greatness which makes Imlie say that all she did was save herself from him.

She continues to say that Vishwa was played like a pawn by her mother and when she lost then she blamed him.

Vishwa says that his mother cares about him which makes Imlie yell that a fire has occurred and everyone should come out.

Navya immediately comes out of the room fearing for her life when Imlie smiles and tells Vishwa that when she told her about Vishwa's health then she did not come out however she did come when she lied to her about the fire.

Navya gets furious while everyone else gathers.

Imlie tells Navya that a child should be given liberty just like Anapoorna gave to Agastya however Navya has tied Vishwa to a rope which is acting like a halter rope.

Annapurna says that a mother should learn to wipe her tears and not use her kids to do so for her while Imlie says that Navya was never a good mother but merely used her son which makes Navya slap her.

Imlie says that the slap means that whatever Imlie is saying is right which makes Vishwa say in anger that he will ruin Imlie's life.

Later, Imlie stops Agastya from calling the police and says that she is trying to reconcile things with Vishwa and Navya.

After Imlie leaves, Agastya calls the police and tells them that he is ready to send them all the evidence against Vishwa making Vishwa overhear this conversation.

Meanwhile, Meera calls Sonali and calls her to an address if she wants to know the truth about Kunal and Tej Pratab.

Elsewhere, Agastya and Imlie are having a kite competition while dancing.

The boys are winning against the girls which makes Imlie whisper a plan into Sonali's ears.

Sonali pretends that her hand is injured which makes Avinash rush to her while Sonali pretends that Bulbul has come which makes Kunal rush outside.

Now only Agastya and Imlie are left when Agastya takes off his shirt making Imlie stare at his body and lose the competition.

Agastya goes to her and reminds her of their bet of confessing the truth which makes her blush.

He holds her closer and says that he will not let her go until she tells the truth and after she tells the truth then he will never let her go.

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