Imlie 17th June 2023 Written Update

Imlie 17th June 2023 Written Update

Imlie 17th June 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 17th June 2023 episode starts with Atharva deciding to call Imlie because that means to save Kerry at this point.

However, when Imlie's call goes busy, he decides to call the landline number.

Just then, Cheeni snatches the phone becoming nervous and begs him not to because Imlie does not deserve Kerry.

She asks Atharva to allow her 5 minutes so she can organize something and subsequently asks the nurse to contact Imlie and request blood donation by not revealing Kerry's name.

The nurse denies fabricating any lies to which Cheeni reacts that her 5-year-old kid is in danger and begs for help.

The nurse reluctantly agrees and as she phones Imlie.

She demands Imlie to come to the hospital immediately because a 5-year-old child urgently needs her blood since their blood groups are the same.

Imlie runs to the hospital after hearing the news and as she arrives, the nurse directs her to the location where she can donate blood.

Meanwhile, Atharva and Cheeni stand behind the wall observing Imlie, but Atharva stares at Imlie with sympathy.

Cheeni, upon noticing Atharva tries to persuade him against Imlie by reminding him of how Imlie did not want to have Kerry in the first place.

As Imlie walks through Kerry's ward, Kerry unconsciously mutters Princess Mumma, causing Imlie to pause and turn.

Imlie looks inside the ward but fails to see Kerry while the nurse requests Imlie to accompany her.

Imlie grows anxious as the process begins because she is experiencing the same horror in her heart that she did the last time she lost her baby.

Simultaneously, on the other side of the hospital, Keya and Akash serve everyone a cup of coffee.

Keya on seeing Devika begins to whine about Imlie because she has always pretended to fake her ostensible love for Kerry.

She says this because if Imlie truly cared, she would have come to the hospital to check on Kerry.

Shivani gets angry when noticing Keya speaking against Imlie and attempting to brainwash Devika.

However, Devika agrees and adds that all she wants Imlie to do is stay away from Atharva and Cheeni.

Later, as the blood donation procedure concludes, Imlie holding her hand decides to phone Devika and Rudra to see whether they are okay.

However, Imlie decides to first inquire with the kid for whom she donated blood if she is okay and starts looking around. 

When Atharva notices Imlie rushing towards Kerry's ward, he calls the nurse and requests that she immediately stop Imlie from confronting Kairi.

Imlie accepts and departs when the nurse stops her from entering.

Imlie then chooses to phone Rudra and inquire about their location while Dhairya says they are at the hospital.

Dhairya explains to Imlie of Kairi's accident and how she ended up getting to the hospital and directs her to Kerry's ward.

The doctor, on the other hand, notifies Ranas of Kerry's quick recovery and thanks them for calling the blood donor on time.

This makes everyone happy, and Devika asks Atharva who the blood donor was since she wants to thank her for her nice deed. 

However, Imlie along with Dhairya arrives which makes everyone's happy faces go blank.

Imlie is about to see Kerry when Atharva and Devika stop her and insist she leaves.

The next morning, Imlie prepares saffron milk for Kerry as Dhairya laughs and converses with her in the kitchen.

When Atharva notices this he becomes envious and prevents Imlie from approaching Kerry while Dhairya fights with Atharva for disrespecting Imlie.

Atharva in rage asks Dhairya whether he is Imlie's lawyer while Devika accuses Imlie and Dhairya of making life difficult for her son at this residence.

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