Imlie 17th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 17th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 17th March 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 17th March 2023 episode starts with Imlie and Atharva realizing they might have started a war between the rich and the poor and made the grave error of believing Dhairya was the perpetrator.

Meanwhile, Akash is driving back home, happy that his plan was successful and that everyone believed his lie about Dhairya stealing 50 lacks from Rana Industries.

When Atharva and Imlie arrive at the mansion, they see Atharva and claim to be having an important conversation with him, but Devika interrupts them and the entire Rana family flees from the mansion.

Devika tells him that a man asked them to leave the house and everyone heard a loud banging sound.

As they approach the window to see what's going on, they discover that Dhairya is smashing everything with his baseball bat.

When Atharva notices Dhairya destroying their belongings, he decides to teach him a lesson.

Dhairya opens the door as Atharva is about to unlock it and Dhairya tells him to enter their house because it is all decorated with their broken belongings.

Atharva becomes enraged and grabs Dhairya's collar, replying that he would have apologized for Akash's mistake, but Dhairya committed a major error by bringing tears to Devika's eyes.

Dhairya tells him that just because he is poor does not make his mother any less important, and they are about to punch each other when Imlie intervenes.

Rudra then asks him what he's talking about, to which Dhairya approaches and joins his hands in namaskar, telling him not to blame him for anything because he hasn't done anything and castigating Akash for stealing it.

Imlie and Atharva defend Dhairya and inform Rudra that he was truly on leave for his mother's treatment.

Rudra becomes incensed and slaps Akash hard before taking his share of the property away from him.

Later, Imlie writes poems in her room and reads them to Atharva. 

When he begins coughing, she goes to bring her water.

As Imlie brings the glass of water, she overhears Rudra and Manish discussing Akash's deception.

Imlie steps in and asks if they need any assistance, to which Rudra replies that she should focus on the house and her relationship with Atharva.

She smiles and resumes her walk, but this time she hears Shivani and Devika arguing about who will handle their business, to which Imlie responds by telling them to calm down and that she knows how to solve the problem.

Imlie enters the room and sees Atharva, asking him to handle the business for a period because Rudra is getting older and can no longer be trusted by Akash as it is Atharva's duty to support his father.

Atharva says he cannot even begin to conceive of being without music for even a minute after hearing Imlie's words.

He goes on to argue that because he has no business experience, he will not be able to manage Rana's family's business.

According to Imlie, he will serve as Rudra's support till things return to normal.

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