Imlie 17th March 2024 Written Update

Imlie 17th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Surya tying Imlie's hand with a rope so that she cannot do any drama.

Meanwhile, she asks for water from him so he brings water for her and makes her drink from his hands after which she thanks him.

After that, she asks him to let her take the exams tomorrow after which she will come back again and work according to him.

Imlie tells him that she is ready to give him all the money that she will earn to him and she will even stop talking to her friends and stop eating Aalu Poori.

Surya stares at her and says that he wants to give her pain for their whole life in front of which such sacrifices are very small after which Imlie mentions him as selfish.

Imlie says that Nirmala always says correct about him after which she taunts him for wasting time in finding the ways to create difficulties for her instead of finding Malti's husband.

Then, she goes and sleeps after which he notices that she is feeling cold after which he covers her body with his jacket.

On the other hand, Dadi worries for Imli and Surya whereas he calls Dadi and informs him about his location after which he brings Aalu Poori for Imlie.

She is shocked to see it and asks him if he has mixed poison in it but he does not say anything after which he asks her what will she do next.

Imlie tells him that she has completed Augustya's promise and he wants her to study so she will complete her studies and find the real culprit of Augustya by becoming a journalist.

In the meantime, Chaudries comes there and scolds Surya to kidnap Imlie after which they take Imlie for her exam while Surya calls Malti and tells her that he will come in front of her after finding her culprit.

On the other hand, Imlie goes into the exam hall and gives exam but Surya comes there and asks the teacher to do her checking saying that she has brought cheat in exam.

Teacher does her checking by finding various cheats in her box but Imlie is unaware of it and she starts crying after noticing it.

Imlie asks teacher to believe in her instead of not allowing her to give the exams while students make fun of Imlie.

Later, she is being thrown out of the school which shatters her dream and Teacher blacklists Imlie and says that she will not be eligible to give board exams in her life.

Then, Surya comes there and taunts her for doing cheating which confuses Imlie whereas Surya tells her that she would have topped the exams if she didn't bring the cheats in exam.

Imlie tells him that she didn't bring it while she thinks that those cheats were made by Surya after which he tells her that he did all these things to take revenge on her.

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