Imlie 17th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 17th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 17th May 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 17th May 2023 episode starts with party in the summer camp where Keya complains about Imlie’s plan to involve them in the party.

Shivani taunts Keya for ruining the mood of the party while the family joke about Rudra being the joker.

The host invites Imlie onto the stage while Atharva disguised as Joker bumps into Imlie and hands over her magical stick but Cheeni comes in between them and takes him away.

Imlie and Kerry perform on the stage along with the other children and Atharva and Rana's family adore them dancing.

Further, Imlie dreams about Atharva on the stage and dances with him joyfully while Cheeni calls her out for forgetting her steps.

Cheeni sitting beside Atharva mumbles to herself that she cannot let Atharva and Imlie meet.

Further, the host calls children individually onto the store to share their views.

Meanwhile, Atharva removes his red nose but Cheeni tells him to put it back quickly.

Atharva tells Cheeni that he is excited about Kerry’s speech while Cheeni goes to Kerry who is going to the washroom.

Kerry is happy to see Cheeni and asks her about her dance performance and tells her that she is about to give a speech on the stage.

Cheeni appreciates Kerry’s dance but tells her to return home with her as she is not feeling well.

Rudra walks to Cheeni and gives her a cheque so that she can walk out of their lives with Atharva and Kerry.

He tells Cheeni that he wants to fulfil Atharva’s desire to live away from his family.

Rudra tells Cheeni that he does not want her or Atharva to come back into Imlie’s life as he cannot push Imlie back to a point where she is shattered again.

He insists Cheeni take the money but senses her awkwardness and asks her the reason for being hesitant in taking the money.

Cheeni tells Rudra that she is a changed person now.

However, Kerry joins them and introduces Daadu to her BFF- Cheeni.

Rudra bends down to Kerry and adores her lovingly, saying that he will remember her whenever he’ll be sad.

Cheeni, further, takes Rudra’s leave and walks away with Kerry.

Rudra mumbles to himself that Devika will never forgive him if she gets to know about Atharva and Kerry.

He, emotionally, says that he is doing this for Imlie’s sake and has no hidden motives behind it.

Cheeni comes to Atharva with Kerry and tells Atharva that she is not feeling well and they should return home.

As soon as they’re about to walk, the host announces Kerry’s name for her speech.

However, Atharva tries pacifying Kerry while Kerry pleads with Atharva to let her finish her speech.

Meanwhile, Imlie asks Monika about Kerry and walks to get her for her elocution while Devika comes to the party as well.

Cheeni allows Kerry to finish her speech and mumbles to herself that her fears cannot be bigger than Kerry’s desire.

Kerry rushes to the stage while Rudra wonders about Cheeni not taking Kerry and Atharva back home.

As soon as Kerry starts her elocution she gives her speech on her family and shares her instances about her family.

Further, Devika assumes Atharva giving the speech in the place of Kerry and sheds a tear.

In the meantime, Imlie assumes Atharva sitting beside her and smiles lovingly at him only to realize his absence.

Kerry on the stage makes everyone emotional with her speech while Atharva and Cheeni adore Kerry on the stage.

Further, Kerry tells Imlie that she is her favourite in the summer camp and calls Imlie her family.

She tells Imlie that she finds Imlie as same as the Sita Maa in the temple.

Kerry finishes her speech while Imlie turns back to look at Cheeni's family.

Meanwhile, Cheeni thinks of returning home with Kerry at the earliest.

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