Imlie 18th April 2024 Written Update

Imlie 18th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Hemlata discussing with Indira Bhosale’s event after which Indira tells her that the event was amazing.

After that, Hemlata asks are to give the phone to Imlie because she wants to talk to her after that Indira notices that Imlie is sleeping by putting her head on Surya’s shoulder.

Indira tells Hemlata that Imlie is sleeping after which Hemlata cuts the call and Indira along with Imlie and Surya after sometimes.

When Indira reaches home along with Surya and Imlie Nirmala asks her why Surya and Imlie have made faces after which Hemlata tries to defend Imlie and says that she was tired and sleeping that’s why her face is looking like that.

Nirmala asks Hemlata why does she always take Imlie’s side after which Hemlata does not says anything while Imlie and Surya go to their room whereas Malti notices that Surya is going inside Arjun’s room along with his luggagae.

Malti tells this thing to Nirmala after which they guess that again something has happened between them Imlie comes to Arjun’s room because she wants to talk to Surya but after coming there she notices that Surya is sleeping.

Then, Imlie is about to return from there but Arjun stops her and asks her to tell Surya whatever she wants to tell after which Imlie tries to wakr up Surya but she asks Arjun to help her.

Arjun asks her to write down the things that she wants to say so that Surya can read it in morning after which Imlie asks him to write and she will narrate.

Imlie starts telling him but he refuses and asks her to write it on her own because Surya is her husband and he will better understand the things if she writes.

After that, he returns the pen and copy to Imlie and asks her to write after which Imlie becomes anxious while Apps brings gifts to everyone from Italy.

Appa suggests that Hemlata to go on a trip of Italy after which Indira says that if she will go there then she will get detached from her roots.

Then, Appa tells her that nothing wrong will happen like that while Arjun meets Malti after which she asks him if Surya is sleeping or not after which he tells her that he is sleeping.

Indira asks him what is Surya doing in his room after which Hemlata also asks the same question so Arjun tells them that Imlie slapped Surya after which Nirmala tries to manipulate Indira against Imlie.

Malti is about to scold Imlie but Indira asks her to stop after which Nirmala asks her why is she saying so after which Indira says that she will take strict action against Imlie.

Then, Nirmala calls Pallavi in front of Imlie but does not tells her true intention for what is she calling Pallavi over there.

After that, Nirmala smirks and tells Malti that everything is going in their favour while Imlie asks Pallavi to rethink before coming there.  

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