Imlie 18th January 2024 Written Update

Imlie 18th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie 18th January 2024 episode starts with Imlie blushing and fidgeting because Agastya is asking her to tell whatever she feels.

Imlie starts making excuses however Agastya holds her close and says that he will not let her go until she has given the answer but if she answers then he will surely never let her go.

He says that he cannot wait any longer and leans in on her however Imlie replies that Agastya won the bet by fraud.

He still asks her to confess which she is about to when Agastya is interrupted by the man who used to work for Vishwa.

A car comes in full speed and runs about the man who has come to testify against Vishwa making his head all bloody.

Agastya calls the police and blames Vishwa for killing the man as the car belonged to Vishwa but Vishwa says that Agastya is in shock.

Vishwa says that his car got stolen earlier this morning after which Imlie says that she did not see who was driving the car.

Agastya says that he knows Imlie is trying to protect Vishwa after which Avinash says that he knows Navya and Vishwa have ruined many things however his brother is not a criminal.

He then takes Shivani's hand and head out when Agastya holds Shivani's hand saying that she cannot go and live in the house of a murderer.

Imlie says that Chutki is not a toy to be played with and this is Chutki's decision, Chutki says that she wants to live with Avinash.

Agastya tells Imlie that just because of her today his sister is in danger.

Meanwhile, Sonali and Karan are on their way to find out the truth about Tej's death.

They have called Bulbul who is resilient to Karan after which they try to break the lock of a godown.

They go inside and look for clues after which a green trap falls onto them.

Later, Imlie goes to Agastya and says that she is also worried about Chutki to which Agastya replies why is Imlie caring for Chutki.

Imlie says that Chutki loves Avinash and also she is not letting go of the fact that Vishwa is the prime suspect however there is a possibility that someone else is involved in this.

Agastya asks her to leave him alone to which she replies that she cannot lie to the police.

She shows him an owl saying that he resembles Agastya after which she says that there are a lot of things he can see but his eyes cannot get off her.

Agastya tries to storm off however Imlie sings him a song.

Agastya sees that the outhouse's door is open which makes him rush to Chuki however he just finds her broken phone.

Agastya asks Avinash where Chutki is to which Avinash replies that she went to Agastya's house.

Imlie says that Chutki is not there after which Agastya asks where is Vishwa to which Navya replies that Vishwa is not at home.

Agastya says that he has to look out for Chutki all night so Imlie needs to go away after which Imlie sits next to him and tries to amuse him.

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