Imlie 18th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 18th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 18th March 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 18th March 2023 episode starts with Imlie convincing Atharva that Rudra requires Atharva's assistance because he is getting older and finding it difficult to handle the business on his own.

Atharva realizes his importance in the family and thanks Imlie for making him realize it.

He goes on to say that he grew taller in 11th grade, but his intelligence has come now, which makes Imlie smile.

The next morning, Atharva dresses up in a suit and describes himself as a perfect schoolboy.

Meanwhile, a Punjabi boy emerges from Imlie's room's bathroom, and just as he is about to flee, Atharva apprehends him.

He grabs his hoodie and is about to punch him in the face to reveal his true identity when he asks Atharva to stop and removes his mustache and glasses.

The Punjabi guy turns out to be Imlie, which surprises Atharva, and Imlie begins laughing when he sees Atharva's reaction.

Imlie then apologizes and informs him that Imlie was fired from her job, which she had obtained later in the avatar of 'Kuljeet Singh.'

Atharva then grabs Imlie's waist and pulls her closer, chuckling softly.

He tells Imlie that he knows how important Bhaskar Times was to Imlie's parents and it is equally important to Imlie.

He assures Imlie that she is the best candidate for the job and that she should reveal her true identity to them.

Meanwhile, Akash begs Rudra to listen to him once more, but Rudra receives a call from Mahesh Chadda, who informs him that because Akshay has not returned his 5 lakhs, he will destroy 5 lakh worth of items in Rudra's business today.

Rudra becomes more upset as he listens to this and is unsure what to do, to which Atharva advises him not to worry.

He confirms to Rudra that he will never let his shoulder be bent in shame and he will support him until death, after which Rudra hugs him and says he is very proud of him.

Meanwhile, in the office, Dhairya fights all of the bodyguards and tells Manish that he will not allow Rudra Business to get a scratch.

While the bodyguards are apprehending Dhairya, Rudra, Atharva, and Manish enter and inform Mahesh that he will receive the money by tomorrow, to which Mahesh responds with a cold look.

He warns Rudra to pay the 5 lacs by tomorrow and then departs.

Rudra approaches Dhairya and begs forgiveness for what has happened as a result of his actions, but Dhairya tells him that he is the Guru and should not apologize.

Rudra then introduces Dhairya to Atharva, claiming that Atharva will now handle all of the business's accounts and asks Dhairya to guide him.

Meanwhile, Imlie reveals her identity to her boss, expecting him to be furious, but her boss praises her and offers her a promotion to assistant reporter, which makes Imlie proud.

He assigns Imlie her first assignment as an assistant reporter, and she gladly accepts it while she considers informing Atharva of the good news first.

Whilst, Dhairya slams all of the files on Atharva's table and requests that he make the proposal.

Atharva is about to apologize when Dhairya storms out and Imlie video-calls him.

Atharva questions whether he is making the best proposal possible, but Imlie encourages him and assures him that everything will be fine with Sita Maiya's blessings.

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