Imlie 18th March 2024 Written Update

Imlie 18th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Surya telling Imlie that he finally succeeded in his plan while Imlie does not say anything.

She just cries seeing that her dreams have been shattered and she asks him now he would be feeling good after which he asks her to get habitual of such things as he will keep her giving such pain for her whole life.

On the other hand, Dadi decorates Augustya's room for Imli while Sonali tells her that Imlie has been exempted from taking exams and she won't be eligible to take exams in the future.

Surya comes house and Dadi slaps him asking why he did so and she counts on the good things that Imlie has done for this family.

Meanwhile, Surya says that finally he can talk to her sister without any guilt after which Sonali says that he has lost her love for him regarding gaining the respect of Malti.

Just then, the constable shows the video recording that Imlie made in Monty's house Imlie walks on the road and a car comes from her behind following her and blowing the horn constantly.

Then, it stops mid-way blocking the path while Surya feels guilty for thinking Imlie is the culprit whereas Raghu comes out of the car and Imlie gets terrified to see him.

Raghu comes near to Imlie while she tries to run away from there but Raghu also chases her and asks her to return the diamonds then he will allow her to go back.

Meanwhile, Surya goes to find Imlie and he finds a black car in the forest and starts searching for its owner and finds the chit that he made for Imlie and finds a clue that Imlie is nearby to him.

He asks the constable to search for them while Imlie hides behind a tree from Raghu he asks her to come in front of her if she wants to stay alive.

Raghu finds her and puts a knife to her neck asking her where is the diamond after which she tells him that she does not know about the diamond because on that day Surya came there and took it away the diamond from her.

Then, he decides to kill her but Surya comes there and asks Raghu why he did so after which Raghu yells at him and asks why he wants to kill his brother-in-law.

Surya tells him that Malti's life got ruined after marrying him and asks him why he deceived Malti after which Raghu says that it's his will and he asks for the diamonds from Surya.

Meanwhile, he notices that Imlie is lying unconscious on the floor while Raghu snatches the gun from his hand and puts Surya at gunpoint.

Raghu asks him to give back the diamonds to him so that he can get rid of Malti and he also tells him that Augustya's death didn't happen just because of an accident.

Surya is shocked hearing this while Raghu says that goons were searching for him but Augustya got killed due to him after which Raghu is about to shoot at Surya but Imli gets shot in her chest which makes Surya feel devastated.

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