Imlie 19th April 2023 Written Update

Imlie 19th April 2023 Written Update

Imlie 19th April 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 19th April 2023 episode starts with Dhairya informing Imlie that everything is Atharva's fault and that Rudra betrayed Kala since Atharva was about to be born.

In the Rana mansion, everyone teases Atharva about how his mood varies depending on Imlie's presence, and Devika explains to Atharva how his and Imlie's relationship is actually filled with love, caring, friendship, and respect.

Ripu, on the other hand, requests that everyone hold a Godbharai party (baby shower) for Imlie, which causes everyone to laugh and Atharva to tease Ripu for his delusion.

Devika warns that if Atharva proclaims his love for Imlie today, the baby shower announcement will follow shortly after, which makes Atharva nervous.

Imlie, on the other hand, explains to Dhairya that none of the circumstances is Atharva's fault, and Dhairya, enraged, claims that Atharva has everything that should have been his to take on.

Dhairya begins to call Rudra an impostor, burglar, and cheater, but Kala slaps him and warns him not to make any disparaging remarks about his father.

However, Dhairya becomes distraught and asks Imlie who is going to give Kala justice, to which Imlie responds that she will fight for Kala's rights and bring justice.

Dhairya, upon hearing this, declares that he is trusting Imlie for the first time to bring Kala's justice, and that if this does not occur, he will not hesitate to seize everything Rudra possesses.

As Imlie enters the house at night, everyone surprises her with a party, which makes Imlie's face light up. 

Cheeni, on the other hand, convinces Dhairya that if he truly wants to deliver justice to Kala, he must snatch it.

Dhairya begins to be persuaded, while Atharva, who is holding Imlie, tries to tell her about his affection for her.

However, Keya interrupts Atharva and tells Imlie that she needs to change for the party first, and as Ginni takes Imlie upstairs as Rudra instructs Atharva to be patient.

Imlie transforms into this stunning lady dressed in a black gown, and Atharva gets awed seeing her.

Atharva, holding Imlie close to him, says that he has to tell Imlie the truth about his feelings today, while Imlie feels uncomfortable because she intends on telling him about Dhairya's truth right away.

Ginni, on the other hand, intervenes and asks Atharva to be patient and go downstairs while she brings Imlie in a few minutes.

Meanwhile, Dhairya arrives at the Rana house, prepared to tell everyone the truth himself.

Shivani, Devya, Ginni, and Ripu bring Imlie downstairs at the same time, and Atharva, gazing passionately at Imlie, mutters that he feels bad for hurting Imlie in the past.

However, he also says that he is going to make amends today by professing his feelings.

As they come closer, Imlie observes Dhairya waiting in the corner and asks Atharva for some time since she needs to make an essential work call.

Keya, sensing the fantastic chance, begins bullying Imlie, while Devika supports Imlie and advises Atharva to be patient.

Imlie sides with Dhairya, asking him not to destroy everyone's mood right now and to believe her because she has vowed to bring Kala justice.

Dhairya, on the other hand, asserts that if she truly wanted to notify everyone, she would have done so by now and storms out to do so himself.

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