Imlie 19th August 2023 Written Update

Imlie 19th August 2023 Written Update

Imlie 19th August 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 19th August 2023 episode starts with Devika remembering Atharva through Atharva in disguise, telling that he didn't allow the temple to be broken.

She tells that she misses Atharva and Rudra asks her to call, but Shivani tells him that their phones have been confiscated. 

Rudra then asks Manish to bring the landline, and immediately Manish brings it on after which they prepare to call Atharva.

Back at the mansion, Atharva boasts about his tigers making Anu laugh and term him a humorous man.

Imlie attends to Atharva who whilst laughing receives a phone call which makes his face go pale.

Anu asks him to receive the call and at the same time is about to see the caller ID when Imlie spills tea on it.

Anu scolds and asks Imlie to clean it up, she then orders Keya and Akash to clean Atharva's hands.

Afterwards, Atharva gets to know through Keya and Akash that they've joined hands with Anu who will give them a commission after selling the house.

Later, Anu asks Atharva to join hands with her lawyer in terms of selling the house.

She tells that the cost of the house should be approximately twenty crores shocking Atharva.

Atharva tells that he'll pay up to twelve crores following which Anu finally agrees to the offer.

He then gives her the file, asking her to sign the deal while Anu takes the pen from him.

The Ranas watch with bated breath, as Anu holds the pen, preparing to put her signature, but pauses.

Anu then changes her colours telling that her pandit ji has restricted her from signing any deal after sunset.

Atharva agrees and tells Anu's dialogue "Sure sure" alerting Anu.

In the evening, Imlie gets worried about Anu delaying the signatures and Atharva tells her not to worry.

Imlie smiles and Atharva tells that he always wants to see her smiling.

He then takes out Yadav ki Jalebi exciting Imlie who gobbles them up instantly. 

Atharva feeds her too, while Keya hiding from a corner watching all this gets shocked.

Keya instantly goes up to Anu telling her about Atharva feeding Imlie jalebis.

Anu gets shocked and follows Keya up to Atharva in disguise room.

They finally reach and Anu gets horrified when she sees Atharva finally off his disguise and Imlie together.

Anu confronts him while Atharva tells that nothing can stop him from meeting his unborn baby and Imlie.

Anu now turns to Keya and scolds her for being blind and seeing Atharva in disguise feed her instead. 

However, Anu aims to check Atharva in disguise's room and goes upstairs. 

Later, Anu peeps into the room but sees a doll sleeping instead unbeknownst to her.

Keya, Akash and Anu leave hurriedly while Atharva smiles at his plan being a total succession. 

In the meantime, Atharva meets his family and hugs each one of them.

Anu bored about all this now calls some goons who get hold of Atharva shocking the Ranas.

Anu then tells the goons to take proper care of Atharva making Imlie shudder in fear about the truth of Atharva's disguise coming out.

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