Imlie 19th January 2024 Written Update

Imlie 19th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie 19th January 2024 episode starts with Agastya yelling at Imlie for letting Shivani go and for trusting Vishwa.

Anapoorna scolds him for doing so as Shivani went at her own will and right now their number one priority should be finding her.

Agastya sees that Imlie has already left with her friends so he follows them in his car and keeps asking her to sit in the car with him as he is very sorry and they will be able to find Imlie easily.

His car's tire gets inflated while Imlie gets a call from home informing her that Shivani has come back home after which Shivani takes the phone and says that she spent the night with her friend Neha after her fight with Avinash.

Imlie thanks her friends after which she asks Agastya to sit on her Mr. Pinky cycle after which she says that her cycle moves with love and not friction however Agastya does not even know the L in love.

Agastya makes Imlie sit with him on the cycle and romantically says that Imlie has no idea what he is capable of doing.

On their way, Agastya says that he is still awaiting her response to which Imlie says that she lost the bet because he took off his shirt.

Agastya gets closer to her and is about to kiss her when a speeding car comes their way making Imlie and Agastya fall to the ground.

Imlie hurts her leg while Ahastya hits his head after which Vishwa steps out of the car while Imlie yells at him for hurting Agastya.

Vishwa takes out a rod and is about to hit Imlie with it but stops and says that Imlie has turned him into an animal after which he breaks things to handle his anger which makes a shard of glass get his hand

He continues to say that he kept going against his mother for Imlie's sake after which Agastya comes from behind and hits Vishwa making him unconscious.

Meanwhile, Karan, Sonali, and Bulbul cut themselves free of the trap when the blind watchman comes and starts shooting.

They move in a very subtle manner however the watchman's hearing is heightened.

Later, Agastya and Imlie reach home with Vishwa when the police come as Vishwa has already called them because he is a threat to Imlie and everyone else.

After that, Agastya takes Imlie to the room and says that now they will start a new chapter of their lives.

Meanwhile, Vishwa goes to Meera telling the police that he needs a minute indicating that he is faking his arrest.

Back at home, Imlie says while being half asleep that if he wants her to stay in the house then he needs to say something after which she sleeps instantly.

Agastya whispers that he knows what she wants to hear and he wants the same thing as after meeting her he got everything he ever wanted and that is a walking talking problem.

Anapoorna and Shivani overhear Agastya's confession while Imlie is deep in sleep.

Agastya scolds them for eavesdropping while they then give him ideas on how to propose to Imlie when Imlie enters and asks what is going on.

Imlie enters and says that she needs to go for Vishwa's confession.

Shivani asks Agastya to start his preparations for the proposal while she takes Imlie to the police station.

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