Imlie 19th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 19th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 19th March 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 19th March 2023 episode starts with Devika bringing warm milk for Imlie as she sits and has begun working on the research.

While Imlie is about to drink the milk, everyone comes over with big balloons in their hands and congratulates her on being the assistant reporter, which surprises her and she asks how they know.

They claim Sundar informed them, and Keya taunts Imlie, saying it's no big deal because she didn't become Prime Minister, to which Devika asks everyone to leave because it's already late.

Imlie then tells Atharva not to worry about his work because it is obvious that Atharva is concerned about the business proposal, and she suggests that they eat ice cream together.

As they leave the Rana mansion, Akshay and Keya watch them, and Akshay becomes enraged when he sees Imlie, claiming how she snatched Akshay's job and got promoted to hers.

Keya then intends to do something "very bad" to Imlie.

Meanwhile, Atharva and Imlie are enjoying frozen treats, and Atharva appears unconcerned when Dhairya calls and claims that Rudra has asked him to assist Atharva with the proposal.

Atharva confirms that he is aware and will design the proposal to ensure that nothing goes wrong in the company.

As they return home, Imlie finds Atharva very focused on the proposal as she arrives with the coffee, and Atharva asks Imlie to bring her laptop and they will work together.

While Atharva struggles to concentrate, he considers playing some music, but when he fails, he slaps his headphone in the bed and falls back.

Imlie goes to bring her laptop but discovers that all of her research work has been erased, and in the meantime, she notices Atharva sleeping without finishing the proposal.

The servant wakes Atharva up the next day, and Atharva, seeing the time, exclaims that he is both late and did not complete the proposal.

In the office, Imlie's boss informs her about the situation at the city hospital and how they are smuggling gold in there, and she is asked to take a few people and conduct research in order to bring the truth to everyone.

Atharva considers telling Rudra the truth about the proposal at the same time, but Rudra interrupts him and introduces him to the colleagues on whom the proposal is based.

One of the colleagues explains to Atharva how Rudra is financially assisting the worker's family, which makes Atharva emotional.

Meanwhile, Mahesh Chadda and a few other businessmen arrive as Atharva prepares to present the proposal.

In the other hand, Imlie sits in a wheelchair, pretending to be a patient, and records everything about how the hospital is smuggling gold.

The two men almost got a clip of the nurses demanding more money from them, but Imlie falls asleep and when the two men try to wake her up, she jumps and the camera falls down, which the nurses notice.

They flee the hospital, and the nurses smash the camera, infuriating the other two reporters, who blame Imlie for their actions.

Meanwhile, everyone is in the conference room, where Atharva is nervous because he hasn't prepared the proposal.

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