Imlie 19th March 2024 Written Update

Imlie 19th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Raghu asking Surya to return his diamonds otherwise he will shoot him.

He is about to shoot him but Imli comes in between and gets shot by the bullet in her chest after which she gets unconscious.

Then, Surya takes her to the hospital after which the doctor starts the treatment after some time Chaudries also comes there and asks about Imli from a doctor.

The doctor tells them that Imli's condition is critical while Sonali asks Surya who is responsible for Imlie's condition after which he tells her that Raghu shot her.

Sonali yells at him and blames Surya for everything and takes her to Imli's ward and praises him in a sarcastic manner that he ruined Imli in just one day which makes Surya feel bad.

Later, Dadi asks about Imli's doctor after which he tells her that they are trying hard but Imli has given up on her life which shatters Chaudries.

Meanwhile, Surya meets the constable and gets a few clues regarding the real culprit of Augustya and he says that because of his reluctance, he lost Augustya.

He starts crying after hearing that Imli used to come police station and say that Augustya didn't die in the accident as was planned by someone.

After that, he decides to find the culprit and goes back to the hospital where he finds Dadi and Sonali trying to wake up Imli.

Imli does not respond which breaks Chaudries heart and they come out of the ward while Surya also goes into her room and recalls Imlie's word that she loves Augustya and no one can take his place in her life.

Meanwhile, Chutki and Sonali say that Imlie does not have any reason for her survival so they should think for her so that she can start her new life after which Rajni scolds them for saying such things at such a critical time.

Dadi agrees to Sonali's and says that Imlie always lived for their family by putting her needs behind everything and she says that they have to teach Imlie how to live.

Meanwhile, Surya asks for an apology from Imlie and says that he is responsible for Augustya's demise after which he notices that Imlie stops responding which makes him panic.

He asks the Doctor to check on her after which the doctor treats her whereas Dadi asks Surya what was he talking to Imlie about Surya stays silent.

Dadi says that Sonali scolded him a lot after which she asks Surya to not blame himself but he considers himself responsible for their sufferings and says Auugustya died because of him.

Just then, Imlie becomes conscious which brings a smile to everyone's face and they take back Imlie to Chaudry's house after some time while she is about to fall but Surya saves her from falling.

Surya tells Imlie that he wants to talk to him about something urgent and says that Agastya died.

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