Imlie 19th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 19th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 19th May 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 19th May 2023 episode starts with Imlie calling Atharva and informing him that Kerry left her instrument at the camp but Atharva gets enraged when he hears Imlie's voice.

Meanwhile, Kerry is lying on the bed with Cheeni and is having trouble sleeping.

She expresses how much she misses Princess Aunty and Cheeni, upon hearing this, makes a sad look and advises Kerry to sleep.

However, when Kerry asks Cheeni if tomorrow is Mother's Day, she expresses remorse that she is unable to celebrate because she does not have a mother.

As Atharva enters the room, he makes an upset face and merely lies next to Kerry.

Cheeni with a kind grin explains to Kerry that she can make a beautiful card for someone who she believes looks after her like a mother.

Kerry begins to imagine Imlie and a smile appears on her face while Cheeni asks Atharva to vow that they will never leave her alone and walk away.

However, Kerry falls asleep and Atharva does not respond to Cheeni and as Cheeni leaves the room with a sorrowful face, she mutters that all she wants in her life are Atharva and Kerry.

The next morning, as Cheeni serves Kerry breakfast, she notices Kerry crafting a Mother's Day card which makes her extremely pleased. 

When Atharva sits beside her, Kerry asks whether he plans to make a card and send it to his mother.

Atharva walks out of the room, enraged, but Cheeni beams as she notices Kerry crafting a Mother's Day card for her.

Meanwhile, Devika tells Shivani how Atharva used to save his pocket money in order to gift her something special on this auspicious day.

Remembering Atharva makes her upset once more, but then a gift arrives at the door wishing Devika a happy Mother's Day.

She hastily exits the room, believing it to be Atharva, but when she confronts Dhairya, he reveals to her that Devika is his second mother.

Devika is surprised as she clutches the saree while Dhairya enters Imlie's room and praises her for choosing the saree.

Imlie informs Dhairya how Devika used to wait every year to see what present Atharva planned to give her on Mother's Day.

Imlie wishes that Devika forgives Dhairya and starts seeing him as a son when a voice comes out and says 'Mumma'.

On the other hand, Cheeni brings Kerry cake, but when she finds Kerry is nowhere to be found, she opens the waste cards and discovers it was prepared for Imlie and not her.

Cheeni bursts into tears while Kerry presents Imlie with a Mother's Day card, which makes her emotional.

Imlie expresses her delight at receiving the card and asks Kerry how she arrived all the way to her, prompting Kerry to smile.

She realizes Kerry has come alone and she resolves to alert Kerry's father of her whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Atharva arrives at the hotel to see Devika and murmurs that he will seek her blessings.

As he walks by Devika hiding his face, the bag falls.

After assisting Devika with her bag, Atharva touches her feet and gets her blessings before leaving, which surprises her.

She turns and notices the man, but Shivani begs her to hurry up since they need to get to the airport.

When Atharva notices Imlie with Kerry, he gets shocked and chooses to depart before Imlie discovers the truth.

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