Imlie 1st April 2024 Written Update

Imlie 1st April 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Surya telling Imlie that he promised her that he would help her in completing her studies that’s why he bought the professor at home.

The professor fills out Imlie’s form after which Surya thanks him and he goes while Imlie argues with him and says that he will not become a hero in her eyes after doing all these things.

After that, she goes inside and eats the halwa that she made while Surya asks her what is she doing after which Imlie says that she wants to enjoy her first victory toward her education.

Indira comes there and says that Imlie was concerned from morning regarding her form while Surya filled it in seconds.

She says that she does not have any problem with Imlie’s studies and asks her to complete the education but not be habitual of it.

After that, Indira says that tomorrow is Holi so she has to do the preparations for it and she goes from there while Surya receives a call from Anjali.

Anjali asks him why didn’t he come to meet her and not tell the truth that he was about to tell while Surya tells her that he will meet her in the morning as it’s too late.

Meanwhile, Anjali tells him that she has his address so she decides to come there after which Surya insists she not argue and wait for him to come tomorrow.

After that, he cuts the call while Anjali feels bad seeing Surya’s changed behavior Imlie comes in the room and asks Surya why didn’t she tell the truth about Indira.

Surya asks her to not yell at him and asks her to focus on her studies instead of scolding him while Imlie asks him to tell the truth to Indira otherwise every day she will create chaos in the house.

Imlie insists on him doing it and says that in this house her all dreams have been sacrificed after which Surya shows her study table and almirah filled with clothes and asks her where is her sacrifice.

Then, Imlie feels bad while Surya tells her that Chaudries even never considered her as a part of their life while he is trying to give her a good life but she is insulting her.

Surya tells her that his dreams have come to an end while Imlie asks her to tell clearly but he takes the pillow and goes from there.

After that, Imlie cries while studying whereas Anjali recalls her old good days that she spent with Surya while he also sees his old photos with Anjali.

Malti comes there and asks Surya to not give pain himself after which he yells at her whereas Surya calls Anjali and breaks up with Anjali.

Anjali becomes shattered when he asks her to go back to her village while Malti is shocked to hear it.

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