Imlie 1st February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 1st February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 1st February 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 1st February 2023 episode starts with Imlie having a hunch that it must be Cheeni who complained to the theater about them.

Meanwhile, Atharva tells her that no cab is available while Imlie convinces him to stop a rickshaw and go home.

When he shouts for the drivers to stop, Imlie makes fun of him and tells him that he needs to shout for the rickshaw to stop.

Back at the Rana house, Rudra confronts Cheeni and asks her what she has done to which Cheeni replies that she just took revenge and did what Imlie did to her by ruining their movie date.

Just then, Rupy comes there and tells Cheeni that Abhishek is waiting for her since he needs to leave.

Cheeni leaves while Rudra gets worried for Imlie-Atharva and calls them but the call does not go through.

Meanwhile, Imlie blows a whistle making an auto rickshaw stop by them.

Atharva gets impressed by this while they climb into the rickshaw and start driving.

However, when the driver does not drive faster and reveals that it is because he has had a rod implant, Atharva feels bad and offers to pay him money while he books a cab.

The driver refuses to get the money that is not earned by his hard work while Imlie states that she has a plan.

After stopping the rickshaw, Imlie takes over as the driver and convinces the driver by saying that it has been her dream to drive a rickshaw. 

Imlie rides the rickshaw and tells Atharva to close his eyes and enjoy the breeze.

Atharva obeys Imlie while she looks at him through the side mirror and smiles.

Afterward, Imlie takes Atharva to all the famous places while she stops the rickshaw at a Gola stand and orders three Gola for them.

Imlie imagines Atharva making Gola for her while he nudges her back to reality and buys her balloons.

Later, they return home and Imlie says that their adventure trip has come to an end.

Atharva gives money to driver Kaka but he refuses to take it.

Atharva then hands over the money to Imlie and she convinces Kaka to take it.

Afterward, Atharva jokes that Imlie is getting even more fans than him.

He talks about Cheeni and reveals that he did not miss her at all and requests Imlie to give the news to Cheeni for him.

Imlie scolds him as a friend and tells him that he has to win this fight by herself.

Back at home, Cheeni sits beside Shivani and tells her that Atharva always gets delayed to meet her when Imlie is with him.

Rupy berates Cheeni for talking about their whereabouts while Atharva and Imlie enter the home with laughter and joy.

He tells the family about Imlie's rickshaw adventure and how he lost his keys in the theater.

Abhishek greets them and jokes that he is not as free as them since he is still doing the duty for his wife.

Cheeni feels angry and looks away while Abhi apologizes to her stating that he was only joking.

Abhi further reveals how he ended up at the Rana house while Imlie gets furious thinking that Cheeni still hasn't told him the truth.

Later, Imlie confronts Cheeni about hiding the truth from Abhishek and accuses her of using him as an insurance policy.

Imlie asks her what would happen if Atharva does not come back to her and Cheeni states angrily that she will snatch Atharva from her at any cost.

Imlie boldly tells Cheeni that her time is up and goes to tell Abhishek the truth.

Meanwhile, Cheeni thinks that she will teach Imlie such a lesson that she won't be able to save even herself.

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