Imlie 1st February 2024 Written Update

Imlie 1st February 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie 1st February 2024 episode starts with Imlie demanding a wedding dress from Vishwa as tomorrow is her wedding with Agastya and he is coming to pick her up.

Vishwa angrily says fine because according to him, Agastya will just let her down.

Meanwhile, a policeman goes to Navya and gives her a file saying that it belongs to Vishwa which makes Navya read that the person with whom Dhanraj ran away, Imlie is her little sister.

Navya smiles to herself while Anapoorna cries for Danraj and Shivani tells Avinash that he got into an accident at a very young age.

Anapoorna says that a woman destroyed her son and took his life away.

Elsewhere, Imlie is all dressed up when Vishwa comes with some food making Imlie say that she will eat to her fill as she wants to look good at her wedding.

Vishwa says that Imlie is building castles in the air however Imlie is convinced that Agastya will come.

Meanwhile, Navya goes to Anapoorna and says that she has brought a gift for her but the gift turns out to be a picture of Dhanraj and the girl he ran away with.

Navya secretly informs Vishwa which makes Vishwa ask Imlie to come with her but she declines.

Vishwa gives Imlie a gun and says that she has to shoot once she senses any danger coming her way and takes her away.

However, Agastya follows Imlie's voice and yells at Vishwa to leave Imlie to which Vishwa replies that Agastya took his house, family, and even the love of his life from him.

Imlie says that even her and Agastya's childhood was rough and then says that she feels that their luck has been written by the same pen however Vishwa did not grow up while she and Agastya did.

Imlie takes out the gun he gave her and shoots however it has no bullets in it, a tear drops down seeing that Imlie is capable of killing him which makes Vishwa aim the gun at her.

Agastya knocks the gun out of Vishwa's hand and asks Imlie to trust him after which he takes her and jumps from the bridge but they fall on the roof of the bus and go away.

He teases Imlie then how is she so sure that he is only Agastya as her eyes are blindfolded which makes Imlie say that it is time for a test after which she pulls Agastya closer to her and caresses his face saying that the fire burning inside of him is of Agastya only.

They both lean in for a kiss and then drown in each other.

Meanwhile, Sonali has gone to fetch the pictures to find out the killer's relation to them.

The killer comes inside the photo studio making Sonali shocked.

Back at home, Agastya enters with Imlie making everyone happy and celebrating their arrival.

Navya says that she has come to ask for forgiveness for Vishwa's actions however Imlie does not look worried at all as she is all dressed up.

She continues to say that Imlie stayed out with a stranger all night which makes Agastya say that the stranger was her son only.

Navya continues to roast Imlie and reveals how Vishwa poured his heart out to Imlie.

Everyone around starts discussing that maybe Navya is right.

End of Imlie today's episode written update. To download Imli Hindi Serial all episodes or watch today's full episode (1 February 2024) online, go to

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