Imlie 1st June 2023 Written Update

Imlie 1st June 2023 Written Update

Imlie 1st June 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 1st June 2023 episode starts with Imlie being concerned about Kerry and asking Sita Maiya to bring her back as soon as possible.

However, a group of children tries to tease two German shepherds, which frustrates them and causes them to bark incessantly.

Imlie, on the other hand, becomes agitated when she hears Kerry's voice over the speakers and begs to meet her mother.

Meanwhile, the mischievous children try to haunt the dogs once more, and this time the dogs become so enraged that they flee the guards' chains.

They begin barking and running, causing others at the fair to scream and flee in terror, while Imlie is perplexed because she cannot hear Kerry's voice clearly, and all the shrieking makes her even more unsettled.

Imlie notices dogs entering the magic show and seeks to enter to find Kerry, eventually accessing the back room where Kerry is present in the darkness.

She approaches Kerry and hugs her and joyous tears stream down her cheeks.

Kerry inquires if she is only her mother, to which Atharva responds that she is only her mother.

However, Atharva adds that Imlie is a bad mother, which Kerry denies angrily and says she will not return to him because he has hidden the truth about her mother and kept her away from Imlie.

Atharva begs Kerry to return, yells, and awakens in real life as Cheeni sitting close behind him confronts Atharva.

However, Imlie tries to find Kerry and rushes inside the magic show while Dhairya is present too, and as they both confront the two vicious dogs, they become increasingly tense.

Dhairya chooses to distract the dogs by grabbing a stick, and Imlie enters the door quickly after hearing Kerry's voice inside and rescues Kerry.

The dogs, however, aggressively bark at her as they prepare to depart.

Meanwhile, Cheeni explodes at Anu for failing to take proper responsibility for Kerry and Anu encourages Cheeni to move on and abandon Kerry.

As she hangs up the phone, she notices Atharva staring at her in wrath, and he queries why she is in the airport when she was ready to inquire about Kerry in some NGO.

Cheeni again challenges Atharva about why he is here when he should be at the police station, and Atharva, agitated, states that he does not have time for all of this because he needs to get Kerry from Imlie.

Dhairya, on the other hand, has phoned animal control as Imlie tries to calm Kerry down as the dogs repeatedly scream at them.

Kerry orders Imlie to put the dogs to sleep just as she does to Kerry, and Imlie, with all her love and care, begins singing a song.

This puts the dogs to sleep, and everyone who witnesses it begins to admire Imlie.

Titli approaches Dhairya, Kerry, and Imlie as they prepare to leave and begins thanking them for her method of keeping the dogs calm with her care and compassion.

She introduces herself and presents Imlie magnificent wings claiming that they are a gift from her as a representation of how wings give people new rays of hope in life.

She kisses Kerry goodbye and departs, and Imlie takes Kerry to the Rana mansion.

Devika is fuming while Kerry greets Rudra and everyone, making them all smile.

As Kerry greets Devika, all her rage is washed away by her cuteness, and Devika, who is carrying Kerry in her lap, shows her delight at having her home.

She mutters that Kerry resembles Atharva, which makes Imlie feel horrible, and she decides to tell Devika the truth.

Devika decides to take Arti of Kerry and when Kerry hugs her, she finds Atharva standing at the door.

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