Imlie 1st March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 1st March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 1st March 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 1st March 2023 episode starts with with Imlie sitting in disguise as she visits Bhaskar times as a guy for an interview.

She sees Ramesh clearing up her desk and as he is about to throw away the photo frame having Imlie’s pictures but Imlie rushes to the guy to stop him.

He’s confused why a random stranger is stopping him but she lies her way out by saying it’s glass so he mustn’t throw it.

A few minutes later, it is Imlie’s turn to interview the guy she’s disguised as since a substitute for her actual position is needed.

Though she tells them she has no experience, she impresses the interviewers by being an avid reader of the Bhaskar times and showing genuine interest.

Meanwhile, Atharva wonders why Imlie is taking so long in the shower and knocks at the bathroom door a couple of times.

Though Imlie isn’t there, she has left her phone with a recording of her singing playing out aloud and Atharva sings along with her, reassured she’s fine.

When the interview gets over, Imlie overhears two employees talking that someone from her family had called to remove her from the job.

She figures out it must be Chini and is determined to expose Chini before she gets exposed.

On the other hand, as everyone watches the wedding videos, Shivani points out that Imlie isn’t even here so the video is being played meaninglessly.

Atharva is concerned if Imlie is alright and rushes to knock at her door.

Anu and Chini whisper amongst each other as they remain unsure of what Imlie is plotting next.

Meanwhile, Keya sees Imlie drive by as she’s returning from somewhere but is unsure if it was her.

She calls Chini to confirm, who now is suspicious Imlie was never there all along.

She insists Atharva that it’s time to break the door but as he does so, he finds Imlie right inside drying her hair.

Imlie comes outside shocked at what is happening as she takes out her air pods and explains she couldn’t hear anything as she had music playing in her ears.

She adds that she took so much time since she was washing some clothes and cleaning the bathroom as well.

Though Imlie was there when the door opened, Chini is sure that she is playing some game for sure.

As everyone gathers to watch the wedding clip with Imlie now, Chini rewinds the video to where Imlie had left off and makes a comment that she looks like Arto’s bride, instead of Imlie

However, she’s just taunted by Imlie who tells her to do little makeup next time and adds that she should call Athrav “jija ji”, a right only she has.

Later, Keya tells her she’s not sure who she saw and Chini calls Bhaskar times to confirm.  

Imlie overhears and makes a resolve to not give up her right as Chini is let down by the Bhaskar times, informing her that Imlie didn’t show up at all.

After some time, Imlie is cleaning up and Atharva catches her as she falls and they stare into each other’s eyes as Atharva holds her tight.

He calls Chini to help Imlie out and scolds her for leaving Imlie alone at work.

Imlie makes Chini pick up the cushions while Atharva asks where to keep the mattresses.

Chini is panicked by the suggestion to keep the mattress in the storeroom outside.

She is about to blurt out that those mattresses on which she fell long ago but says they are bedbugs ridden.

Imlie points out that Cheeni's eyes had widened as if hiding a secret in that store room as she recalled how she had found a pair of earrings there and confronted Chini over it long ago.

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