Imlie 1st May 2024 Written Update

Imlie 1st May 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Surya yelling at Anjali and asking her to stay away from his life.

Anjali tells Surya that Imlie is trying to manipulate him for her own benefit but she won’t let her use him for her purpose.

Surya yells at Anjali and says that he knows what she wants while Anjali tells Surya that she won’t open the door at any cost now.

Meanwhile, Indira and Nirmala demean and s Imlie which brings tears to Imlie’s eyes and she says that Imlie is impure which breaks Imlie’s heart.

Imlie tells Indira that she would have accepted her disrespect but she is demeaning her character after which Nirmala taunts Imlie.

Indira yells at Imlie and says that she does not have any right over Surya and neither on his family and she asks Imlie to get away from there.

Meanwhile, Surya runs out of the window and Anjali is shocked to see the craze in Surya’s eye for Imlie while she comes out of the house along with her luggage.

Surya asks Arjun about Imlie after which he tells him that Imlie has been thrown out of the house by Indira which makes Surya worried for Imlie and he tries to call her.

Imlie does not picks up his call after that she is about to collide with someone’s car and that man teases Imlie after which she is about to change her path but that man keeps on following her.

Then, She stands in front of him after which that man says that he will keep her happy but Imlei ignores him after which another man comes there and ties Imlie’s eye with a cloth after which they decide to kidnap her.

Surya returns home and searches for Imlie but Indira tells him that Imlie won’t return to home at any cost after which Surya is about to ask about Imlie from Appa.

Indira holds Surya’s hand and says that he won’t go to search her this time after which she tells Surya that Imlie is not a good woman so it will be better if she goes away from there.

Surya cannot hear the things that Indira is saying for Imlie after which he asks Indira to keep her mouth shut and says that Imlie is his wife.

Later, Imlie is brought to the bar by those men after which they remove the cloth from Imlie’s eye and surprise her.

Imlie gets shocked after that man tells Imlie that he is mad at her love since the first day he saw her singing in the bar.

After that, Imlie argues with him and says that she does not do such work now after which he shows a video of Imlie’s family to her to terrify her.

He blackmails Imlie and asks her to follow his instruction if she wants her family to be safe after that he call the manager and tells him that Imlie is returning to her work.

Meanwhile, Nirmala also blackmail Surya but he does not listen to anyone and says that he will support Imlie at any cost no matter what which make Niramala feel offended while Imlie is about sing in the bar again but Surya comes in her rescue.

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