Imlie 1st October 2022 Written Update

Imlie 1st October 2022 Written Update

Imlie 1st October 2022 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 1st October 2022 episode starts with Atharva buying a water bottle from a tea stall while Imlie runs out and snatches the water bottle out of his hands.

Seeing Imlie’s inflamed face, Atharva gives her ice quickly and prays to god to send Cheeni also.

At the same time, Cheeni comes out and Atharva's breath hitches after seeing his hook line.

Cheeni curses Atharva in her mind and Imlie thanks him for helping her.

Meanwhile, Cheeni insults Atharva for stalking them and tells him that they belong to the Rathore family.

Hearing the Rathore name, Atharva misunderstands that Cheeni is his father's choice.

Cheeni gets a call from Narmada and goes home with Imlie.

At the same time, Atharva gets a call from Rudra and he agrees to his marriage without knowing the girl his father has chosen is Imlie, not Cheeni.

Hearing Atharva’s decision, Rudra's happiness shoots out of the room and he informs everyone about his son’s decision.

The whole family gets happy while Kia (Akash’s wife) gets worried about Rudra favouring Imlie over her.

In Rathore's house, Narmada and Rupi scold Cheeni for not taking the right precautions for Imlie’s skin but Imlie defends her.

On the other hand, Atharva enters his home and everyone is standing in excitement to confirm his decision.

Devika tells Atharva to confirm the news to his dad and he tells Rudra that he doesn't know how they liked the same girl.

At the same time, Narmada calls Rudra to ask for Atharva but Rudra informs her about his son meeting Imlie on the road and tells her he likes her.

Narmada agrees to the marriage proposal from Imlie's side and fixes the engagement tomorrow at Rana's house.

Meanwhile, Sundar confronts Narmada for not asking Imlie but she ignores him.

In Imlie’s room, Arpita puts Multani Mitti on Imlie’s face and insults Cheeni for being selfish and taking advantage of Imlie.

However, Imlie defends Cheeni and tells her she can sacrifice anything for her sister.

In Kitchen, Rupi confronts Cheeni for not taking care of Imlie intentionally but Cheeni acts as a victim who lost her hero and mother in the Naming ceremony of Imlie.

Hearing Cheeni's words, Rupi gets emotional and stops blaming Cheeni for Imlie’s red face.

At the same time, Sundar calls everyone downstairs and Narmada informs everyone about Atharva seeing Imlie on the road and agreeing to this marriage.

However, Narmada shocks everyone by saying she has agreed to the proposal from Imlie’s side.

Later, Sundar shows Atharva's photo to everyone and Imlie gets shocked seeing his picture. 

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