Imlie 20th January 2024 Written Update

Imlie 20th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie 20th January 2024 episode starts with Shivani taking Imlie to the police station.

She then whispers into Agastya's ears to start his proposal preparation which makes the whole house decorate the house in lights and baloons.

Agastya makes fun of the decoration as the theme looks like the 90s which makes them say that love is timeless.

Anapoorna asks Agastya about Imlie's favorite flower which makes him say that he does not know.

Anapoorna puts a hand over her forehead and says that Agastya is exactly like his grandfather and then asks him to call Chutki to find out.

Chutki asks Imlie which makes Imlie describe a lot of flowers with very difficult names making Agastya restless.

Imlie then tells Chutki that above all she loves red roses which makes Agastya jump in excitement over the phone.

He tells Chutki to bring a red rose on their way back home.

Later, Imlie reaches the police station and finds Vishwa sitting there which makes her realize that he faked everything previously.

He cuts her off and calls Meera (Imlie's Radha) making Imlie speechless after which they run into each other's arms.

Meanwhile, Karan and Sonali reveal themselves to the blind watchman with the gun after which they tell their names to him making him recognize them as Kunal Chaudhari's kids.

He starts beating Karan and tying him and Sonali with a rope.

Elsewhere, Imlie and Meera are catching up while crying after which Imlie asks her why did she not come earlier.

Meera says that it is a long story after which Imlie says that she will return to her after giving her statement.

She then calls Agastya and tells her that something g big has happened and she needs to tell him which Agastya misinterpreted as a proposal.

Meanwhile, Vishwa fools Meera saying that Agastya will be over the moon on seeing her.

Imlie goes to Vishwa and thanks him after which he replies that he did not do anything but is just executing another strategy to expose the true face of the Chaudhary.

Later that night, Agastysa is done with his decorations and is just waiting for Imlie lovingly while singing a song.

The whole family sings and dances along with him as they are very happy for him.

Meanwhile, Imlie is also singing the same song on her way back to the house with Meera.

On reaching the house, Imlie asks her to stay so that she can announce it in front of everyone like she is some chief guest.

Imlie leaves her in the car and rushes inside the house which makes Agastya relieved while Anapoorna asks why has she tears in her eyes.

Agastya replies that these are happy tears to which Imlie says that a miracle has happened as she has found her wet nurse Radha and wants to know if she can call her here.

Anapoorna asks Agastya to quickly fetch her however Imlie spots Radha's photos in some old abandoned boxes.

She asks Anapoorna about it who gets angry at Jugnu for not throwing away the picture after which she tells Imlie that she is Agastya's mom who ruined everything.

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