Imlie 20th July 2023 Written Update

Imlie 20th July 2023 Written Update

Imlie 20th July 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 20th July 2023 episode starts with Imlie calling Devika and Shivani to express her concern about not being able to get Kerry to sleep properly.

She tells Devika about the incident last night when Kerry called Atharva and opted to sleep while listening to him sing poems.

Devika smiles and informs Imlie about the crucial role a mother plays in a daughter's life, adding that just as Atharva was unable to provide Kerry with the love of a mother Imlie cannot replace Atharva.

Shivani then picks up the phone and tells Imlie that she has complete faith in her since she knows she can effectively fulfil the role of her mother and care for Kerry.

Shivani then inquires about her job interview to which Imlie responds that the interviewer began lecturing her on her inability to balance her life as a single mother.

Imlie decides to respond appropriately to all people who question her ability to carry out her duties in life.

The next day, Imlie returns to the office disguised as a Punjabi guy to give an interview in order to teach the interviewer a lesson.

As Imlie presents her CV, the interviewer is impressed by his experience and qualifications, but Imlie informs him in a macho tone that he is a single dad.

To this, the interviewer tells him to relax and says that judging someone without giving them a chance is wrong and that he is hired for the job.

Imlie shakes hands and opens her fake moustache, surprising the interviewer.

Imlie gives a befitting reply to the interviewer while the interviewer expresses how he believes women are particularly emotional when it comes to handling duties.

Imlie laughs and explains how a woman goes through labour pain that a man cannot even imagine and she advises him not to keep a woman in their office on the basis of her lack of job excellence rather than of a single parent in the future.

Imlie smiles as she walks away after saying this.

Later, Kerry waits with Monti as the Father's Day race begins while Imlie arrives quickly and prepares her sac alongside the other fathers.

However, Savita and her friends taunt Imlie and tell her that she should sit and watch other men win because she is not only capable of defeating males.

As the race begins, Imlie starts hopping as fast as she can but falls short of the pace of the other men in the composition.

Meanwhile, Kerry adopts an upbeat face as she notices Imlie near the back of the group while the others sprint to the finish line.

Atharva approaches Kerry and hugs her, asking why she is upset to which Kerry responds that Imlie is failing to win the match.

Atharva requests that Kerry motivate her princess mumma and they both begin cheering for Imlie.

However, Imlie slips from the sac and falls to the ground shocking Atharva and Kerry.

Imlie makes a mournful face and glances at Kerry while Savita and her friends continue to criticize Imlie for her dream of competing and winning against men.

Looking up Imlie begs Sita Maiya to give her the strength she needs to compete in this cruel world.

Imlie glances at Kerry, who is still cheering for her, and she stands up with all her might and starts hoping again with just one goal in mind: to win the game for Kerry.

She quickly overtakes the other men in the race, jumps first, and wins the game making Atharva and Kerry amazed for Imlie.

Kerry runs and immediately hugs Imlie, causing Imlie to cry happy tears.

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