Imlie 20th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 20th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 20th March 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 20th March 2023 episode starts with Atharva delivering the presentation with confidence, which impresses Rudra.

Rudra gives a warm smile as Atharva delivers the presentation, seeing how confidently he is presenting the proposal.

As the presentation concludes, the businessmen gain confidence and ask Rudra to close a deal.

Employees from Rana Industries come to Atharva to thank him for saving their jobs with the best presentation.

Dhairya then approaches Atharva and tells him to congratulate Imlie on her hard work, which surprises Atharva.

Dhairya tells Atharva not to be surprised because it was obvious from his expression earlier that he wasn't prepared for the presentation and departs, leaving Atharva sad.

Meanwhile, Devika notices Imlie is tired when she arrives back.

She asks Imlie if she is okay, to which Keya interrupts and mocks Imlie by asking if she was scolded by her boss.

Imlie tells Keya that one should not get upset and lose all motivation for work because of one bad day.

Rudra, Manish, and Atharva arrive at the same time, and Rudra calls out to Devika.

Devika is perplexed and asks Rudra what happened, to which Rudra responds, she should take down Atharva's "nazar" (evil eye) because he gave the best presentation today and the proposal was successful.

Later, Atharva thanks Imlie for preparing the presentation for him, but he informs her that he will notify Rudra about it because he cannot take someone else credit for their work.

Imlie stops him and asks him not to reveal anything, as Rudra is realizing he is not alone, and it should be Atharva's goal as well.

Keya, who is standing outside the door, is shocked by their conversation and considers telling Rudra the truth.

Later, Keya is about to reveal the truth to Rudra when Imlie interrupts her and shows her the video in which she is caught red-handed deleting all of Imlie's research.

Imlie insists that she is an assistant reporter and no one should underestimate her.

She goes on to say that it is her duty to bring the truth to everyone and that Keya should have been aware of the CCTVs in every room.

Keya orders Imlie to stop lecturing and expresses her delight that Imlie was reprimanded by her boss.

Dhairya then proceeds to bring his poor mother's medications when she stops and asks him not to.

Dhairya continues to bring them, demonstrating how much he adores her.

Meanwhile, Atharva thanks Imlie once more while holding her hands.

When Imlie falls asleep, she walks out of the mansion and goes to the city hospital to reveal the truth to everyone, but in a different avatar.

She is dressed differently and concealing a hidden camera when she asks the nurses to bring her medicine, but the nurses demand more money, which she agrees to.

Meanwhile, Dhairya is purchasing the same medicine when the nurse takes it from his grasp and claims the doctor has requested it in an emergency.

As Dhairya prepares to leave, he notices Imlie with the medicine and calls her out, which surprises her.

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