Imlie 20th March 2024 Written Update

Imlie 20th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Surya telling Imlie that he wants to tell something important to her.

Meanwhile, Dadi takes him away from there and asks him what he wants to tell Imlie after which he tells Dadi that he will tell Imlie the whole truth that Augustya died just because of him.

Dadi says that Surya and Imlie are similar as both think about their family and she asks him to not tell Imlie that Augusta died in a planned trap.

On the other hand, everyone wonders what is Dadi telling Surya and Sonali to go to see but just then Dadi comes out along with Surya.

Dadi sits near Imlie and asks her to not say no to her as she wants her to do one thing after which she announces that she wants to fix Surya and Imlie's wedding.

Imlie gets shocked and says that she cannot think of anyone except Augustya as he was everything to her whereas Dadi says that relationships are only meant to be followed in this world.

She says that Augustya has gone far away from their life and he will also want Imlie to move on further in life but Imlie again refuses and says that she cannot marry again.

Sonali says that she is there with Imlie and asks Dadi to not force her whereas Dadi says that she has never understood Imlie so she wants to give a reason to live.

Dadi explains to Imlie that everyone requires a life partner as life is too long that's why she wants her to live happily in her life and she would have done the same for Sonali and Chutki too.

Shivani asks Dadi to not force her after which Dadi says that she is showing direction to Imlie because she is not able to see things.

Imlie joins hands in front of Dadi and asks her to live there along with them whereas Dadi tells her that she wants to plan a grand wedding for Imlie and Surya.

On the other hand, Surya stands in the corner after which Imlie asks him to say no other for the marriage but he does not say anything.

Dadi asks Imlie to live for herself instead of thinking for others and asks to have faith in her whereas Imlie looks in Surya's eye after which she runs from there.

Sonali is about to go behind Imlie but Dadi asks Surya to bring her whereas Sonali tells Dadi that marriage is not the solution of everything and Shivani also tells Dadi that Imlie will never be happy with Surya.

Dadi tells them that Surya is a good person and they should at least give a chance to him whereas Surya tries to convince Imlie but she does not understand.

He tells her about Augustya's incident and blames himself for it but Imlie asks him to not live in Guili and thinks that he is responsible for it and she forgives him.

She asks him to do a favor by refusing the wedding but Surya ignores her.  

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