Imlie 20th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 20th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 20th May 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 20th May 2023 episode starts with Atharva seeing Kerry with Imlie.

He decides to go and take her away, but Rudra confronts him on the way.

Rudra is taken aback when he sees Atharva, while Atharva's eyes well up with tears and he mutters 'Dad,' making Rudra emotional.

Rudra, startled, reminds Atharva that without him the entire family is empty and dry, however, Atharva claims that he is happy without them and has moved on with his life.

However, Rudra grabs Atharva and asks if Cheeni is also with him, which surprises Atharva and prompts him to wonder how he knows everything.

Meanwhile, Cheeni who is holding the Mother's Day card tries to find Kerry in the house but is unable and fears that she went to camp to give the card to Imlie.

She immediately phones Atharva, and as he answers he promises Cheeni that he is going to return home with Kerry but Rudra insists that Atharva accompany them.

With wrath, Atharva informs Rudra that the house he wants Atharva to return to is already Dhairya's and that he was the one who separated him from his family by organizing the accident.

Cheeni, on the other side, tears and mutters about how she was the one who planned the tragedy 5 years ago in order to separate Atharva from Imlie and bring him closer to her.

Atharva recalls being in a coma for 8 months after the accident, and Cheeni is the one to take care of him.

He informs him that Dhairya planned all of this, adding that Dhairya's locket was discovered near the accident site.

Rudra hears all of this and advises Atharva not to interpret things on his own because everything has been a massive misunderstanding, and that his importance in the Rana family is still there.

Atharva says coldly that he is no longer Rudra's son, while Cheeni swears not to allow Imlie to take Atharva and Kerry away from her life.

Meanwhile, Imlie is sitting with Kerry who begs if she can share Mother's Day with her every year.

This makes Imlie sad and she hugs her while a man asks Imlie to hurry because they are already late for the airport.

Imlie convinces Kerry that she must leave right now but will return soon and as she exits the room, her locket becomes entangled in Kerry's clothes.

She considers opening the locket and seeing his prince's photo, but Atharva intervenes and advises Kerry to return home.

Kerry begs to accompany Imlie home, but Atharva refuses, while Rudra approaches Dhairya and wants him to confess his feelings to Imlie today.

Rudra shows Dhairya to Atharva and Kerry from a distance, which surprises Dhairya and Rudra assures him that Atharva is happy and living his own life with Cheeni and their daughter Kerry.

He explains that Imlie will soon face this fact, but she will be less hurt because he wants Dhairya to be her support and life partner by that time.

However, when traveling with Kerry, Atharva discovers Imlie's locket, and when he opens it he discovers his photo inside.

Kerry informs Atharva that Imlie keeps her prince's photo in it and chats to the locket all day which surprises Atharva and prompts him to return to the camp to discover the truth.

Meanwhile, Dhairya takes Imlie to a room elegantly decked with red lights and proposes to her on one knee.

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