Imlie 21st August 2023 Written Update

Imlie 21st August 2023 Written Update

Imlie 21st August 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 21st August 2023 episode starts with Imlie worrying about Mr. Chan (Atharva) managing an advance of twelve crores, and getting Anu to sign the deal. 

All of a sudden, Bade Chan Sahab (Rudra) comes in saying that Mr Chan is his son.

Mr Chan realises it's no other than Rudra and both father and son engage in a playful reunion.

The Ranas see Shivani unbeknownst to her that it's Atharva and Rudra gets sad at the house passing Mr. Chan and Bade Chan Sahab.

Imlie comes in and confesses that Mr. Chan and Bade Chan Sahab are no one but Rudra and Atharva.

On the other hand, Bade Chan Sahab shows Anu a briefcase filled with money.

Anu views the cash but Bade Chan Sahab tells her that he'll not deal with her since she didn't trust Mr Chan.

The father and son duo attempt to leave but Anu victimizes herself telling them that a woman has to keep herself safe.

Bade Chan Sahab tells that even the moon is alone and compares Anu to it.

From a corner, Devika gets jealous but Bade Chan Sahab continuously flirts.

Anu gives into the flirting too while Shivani tells Devika that Anu with the property wants her husband too.

Anu insists Bade Chan Sahab not leave telling her that she'll give a big party wherein she'll sign the papers.

Later, the Ranas reunite with Mr Chan and Devika compliments his Arabic dress up.

Bade Chan Sahab asks her to compliment him as well but Devika tells him to go to Anu instead.

They all giggle after which Atharva asks Rudra about how did he manage such a huge sum.

Rudra mentions that Imlie had managed ten lakhs from Bharti adding that the other notes hidden beneath are fake.

Devika gets scared but Rudra tells her that Anu's impatience doesn't have the time to count money too.

Suddenly footsteps are heard alerting the Ranas and Anu comes in.

Anu asks Bade Chan Sahab if is everything fine and he again flirts with her.

The next morning in the Rana mansion, Keya smashes a plate in frustration when she sees that the Ranas are not around.

Back at the servant quarters, Atharva and Rudra get their mustache checked by Imlie and Devika.

The next moment, Keya enters and confronts the Ranas about not working ahead for the party.

She sees Mr Chan and Bade Chan Sahab and asks what are they doing there. 

The Chans reply that they had come to offer the Ranas a job in their five-star but since they're lazy, they're out.

They leave and gradually the Ranas leave too while Keya expresses her doubt about the Chans.

Keya then goes and takes Imlie's camera teddy and places it to track their ongoings.

Afterwards, Imlie receives a call from Vandana who tells her that she has good news for Imlie.

Imlie tells that she has good news too but lets Vandana tell in first.

Vandana tells that she's finally gotten a solo singing opportunity but is nervous at the same time.

Imlie tells that her rewards will pay off and congratulates Vandana.

She then tells Vandana about her unborn baby exciting Vandana.

Vandana tells that she'll pray for her and Imlie promises to do the same, gradually bidding each other goodbye.

After a while, Imlie tells the Ranas that the lawyer will come in with the police after the papers are signed.

Rudra's moustache comes out again and Devika attends to it unbeknownst that their actions are getting recorded.

Back at the party, Anu sees an intruder and asks what work does she have with Imlie.

In the servant quarters, Imlie hears Bharti and prays that Anu doesn't come to know about the money she borrowed from her.

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