Imlie 21st March 2024 Written Update

Imlie 21st March 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Surya bringing Imlie back home on a vendor's vehicle.

After reaching home, Imlie gets to know that Dadi is not eating anything because Imlie has refused to marry Surya after which she goes to feed her.

Imlie asks her to eat something but Dadi again insists her Imlie does not say anything and goes from there.

She meets Sonali and Chutki after which they also take Imlie's side but they ask her to move on in life with someone who deserves her and they also mention that Surya does not deserve her.

Surya comes there and overhears whatever Imlie is talking to them but he ignores and makes coffee after which he drinks it in one sip and goes from there.

Imlie is shocked to see that Surya drinks coffee before sleeping after which she decides to irritate Surya so that he can refuse to marry her.

Later on the next day, she spills water over him to wake him up after which he yells at her but she tells him that he has to face all these things in the future too if he wants to marry her.

After that, she serves coffee to him with excess salt and pepper in it so that he can get irritated while she asks him if he likes it or not.

Surya lies that coffee is good and praises Imlie and drinks the whole coffee unwillingly which ruins her plan after that she meets him alone and asks if Nirmala and Malti know about this marriage or not.

She asks him to tell them while he sarcastically thanks her after which she goes where Dadi is there and Dadi tells her that today she is going to talk about her and Surya's rishta with Nirmal.

Imlie becomes anxious whereas Dadi goes to Surya's house and talks about their rishta with Nirmala after which Malti and Nirmala ask Surya to refuse the wedding.

Malti asks him to refuse the wedding because Imlie her husband is in jail but Surya does not say anything.

After that, Dadi asks Malti to not say anything whereas Imlie asks Dadi to not say anything to Malti and says that due to her Malti has suffered a lot.

Just then, Malti asks Surya to not say yes to the wedding otherwise she will leave the house and go from there while Imlie and Surya argue over there.

Dadi becomes restless and she gets unconscious after which she falls and Surya brings her home after which Imlie curses her fate for everything while the doctor comes to check Dadi and prescribes some medicines for her speedy recovery.

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