Imlie 22nd April 2023 Written Update

Imlie 22nd April 2023 Written Update

Imlie 22nd April 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 22nd April 2023 episode starts with Atharva tearing the image as he pulls it out, curious about what it was about.

Devika notices this and giggle as Atharva complains about Rudra's image with her being ripped down.

However, as Imlie drives Rudra back home, she mutters to herself about how she believes Rudra will never keep Atharva and Devika in the dark about his secret.

Rudra observes Imlie and murmurs that he is extremely sorry but he cannot risk hurting two families.

Meanwhile, Dhairya questions Kala about how Rudra simply left them with money, and Kala urges Dhairya to respect his father and meet his one and only requirement.

Devika considers questioning Rudra about the photograph and who he took it with, while Atharva folds it and places it in his pocket, assuring her that it is now his.

Cheeni then brainwashes Dhairya into taking quick action against Rudra by handing him a cell phone and demanding that he call Atharva and notify him of the truth.

Later, as Imlie arrives at the mansion, she is perplexed by the lights being turned off, and Atharva greets her by spotting lights only on him and her, claiming that this is the day he will confess something to Imlie.

As Atharva is about to propose, Dhairya calls and claims to be Rudra's biological son, and Atharva, who is unable to hear anything, cuts the line and blocks the caller.

Dhairya becomes enraged, believing that this plan has also failed, and decides to show up at the house and disclose the truth.

However, Kala smacks him and asks him to abandon the goal of obtaining justice for her.

Kala becomes upset and urges Dhairya to inform them of the truth, but he will see her dead face after that, to which he hugs Kala close and claims not to tell anyone anything with tears in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Atharva claims to be worried because he has never done what he is about to do before, and begins buttering Imlie with compliment-laden phrases.

He asks Imlie if she has any idea what he is going to do, to which Imlie asks what has happened to him, and Atharva confesses, 'It's love.'

Atharva gets down on one knee and holds a rose, claiming that he loves his wife, Imlie, the most and that he trusts her more than anyone else in the world.

Imlie blushes at the sight of Atharva admitting his sentiments as her eyes well up with happy emotions.

Atharva laments how they never had time to romance and how everything in their lives moved at a breakneck pace.

He then takes Imlie on a date where Atharva has planned a lovely romantic red theme, and they spend precious time together.

They laugh and giggle, and Imlie gets all these lovely little butterflies in her stomach seeing the love of her life go to such lengths to show his affection for her.

Later, holding hands, Atharva leads Imlie to the set-up, where he has decorated the area to look like a wedding venue, and after the 7 rounds of marriage, he marks Imlie's forehead with Sindoor.

He then takes Imlie in his arms and leads her to the bedroom, which is gorgeously arranged with candles. 

As Atharva sets Imlie on the bed, Imlie declares her love for Atharva, and they both officially plant their first kiss.

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