Imlie 22nd December 2022 Written Update

Imlie 22nd December 2022 Written Update

Imlie 22nd December 2022 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 22nd December 2022 episode starts with Cheeni reaching the restaurant and getting happy to see the reserved area for her while she thinks that it is Abhishek standing behind the chandelier.

She goes and hugs him but gets shocked as he calls out to her and reveals himself as Atharva.

Cheeni tries to leave but Atharva holds her hand and hugs her telling her that Imlie has found out about him being in love with someone else and that they should not keep her in the dark anymore.

Just then, Rudra's voice is heard telling them that they do not need to tell Imlie about it.

The pair gets shocked to see the whole Rana family there while Cheeni thinks that it is a nightmare.

Rudra says that Imlie has heard everything while Imlie appears from behind and is still struck at her place in shock.

Devika goes and slaps Atharva while telling him that he is not her son and states that it is some man who is greedy and selfish.

However, Shivani argues saying that if they had given a little more freedom to Atharva then they would not have been seeing this situation today.

Shivani states that Ayaan gathered courage and informed the family that he does not love Imlie but loves Cheeni.

However, Rudra and Devika still got Imlie and Atharva married for their own happiness.

Cheeni gets shocked realizing all this as she thinks back to the moments before the marriage.

Both Keya and Divya start insulting Imlie and Cheeni stating that they have shared Atharva.

Divya and Shivani start arguing with Rupy who tries to stand up for Imlie stating that the Rana family were the ones who came to them for Imlie's proposal.

Imlie shouts for everyone to stop as she goes to Rudra and questions him if he knew about her not being Atharva's choice from the start.

Rudra states that he had thought Atharva would be happy if he got married to her.

Imlie asks what about her happiness and Rudra that she is sure Atharva will have some tears in his eyes because of the guilt.

She further goes to Cheeni and tells her that she is not a doll that would get not get hurt.

Imlie cries as she says that she was hurt by Atharva but Cheeni's actions have burned her heart.

Imlie tells Cheeni to accept her mistake but when she doesn't, Imlie slaps her and tells her to keep her voice down along with her eyes.

Imlie says that it is true that the family hurts a person more than an outsider does.

She cries while Cheeni sees the family members giving her a dirty look and shouts that she is the one who got slapped.

Cheeni gets angry and tells Imlie that today she will reveal everything.

Cheeni states that she has lived her whole life as Imlie's side and that although she has lived in the Rathod mansion, it was never her home but Imlie's.

Cheeni says that she is different because Imlie is Rathod while she is Tripathi.

Imlie says that she should have given her everything if she had told the truth.

Cheeni asks if she would have given her Arto too and Imlie states that Atharva is not a thing but a person.

Imlie cries as she says that she would have stepped out of their way had they told her about their relationship in time.

Cheeni and Imlie argue while Imlie says that she will become stronger after being burned as she is Imlie's daughter only.

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