Imlie 22nd February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 22nd February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 22nd February 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 22nd February 2023 episode starts with Atharva being heartbroken and worried to see Imlie still unconscious on the hospital bed.

He shouts and cries that he gave her permission to leave the house but not leave this world and requests God to do some miracle.

Meanwhile, Shivani, Kia, and Chini arrive at the hospital where Kia is irritated to visit Imlie.

Shivani clarifies that she too does not have any liking for Imlie but as she is in a critical condition, they need to visit her.

Chini whispers to Kia that this time Imlie might have bought a one-way ticket, suggesting she will surely die after the way she got hurt.

Chini however, pretends to care for Imlie and goes to visit her.

Inside the hospital, finally, a Wardman comes but tells Atharva that the doctor is busy with a meeting and will be late for Imlie.

This angers Atharva and he forcefully enters the doctor's cabin.

However, when the doctor says the patient whom he is currently seeing is someone's mother and so clarifies that all of the patients are equal to him and to that, Atharva cools down and apologizes to him.

The doctor consoles him that Imlie's treatment has been done, all they need to do is wait for Imlie to become conscious.

Shivani along with others come to Atharva and they all try to support Atharva.

Rudra asks Atharva to keep his faith in God because he will definitely help them.

In the evening, they all are still at the hospital where Chini doesn't like Atharva shedding tears for Imlie.

Rudra asks Atharva to not be tense because after all he and Imlie are separating.

He blames himself for Imlie's situation but Rudra tells that this is not just friendship but there are some other feelings that Atharva has for Imlie.

However, he denies it and walks away.

Finally, Imlie gets consciousness but in her condition, she walks out of the chamber herself to meet them.

They all get emotional as Imlie apologizes for making them worry so much.

Shockingly, Imlie says that she has to go home to complete the remaining rituals of her and Atharva's marriage ceremony.

Atharva understands Imlie's mindset is not well and so asks her to rest in her chamber.

When Rudra asks the doctor about Imlie, he informs them about Imlie's short-term memory loss.

Outside the doctor's chamber, Atharva sees Imlie dressed as a newlywed as she asks to complete their marriage rituals at home.

When they enter their house, Imlie asks Atharva to enter the house together as she doesn't remember her entering ritual.

The Bollywood song 'Mujhe rehna hai saath'is heard in the background as they enter the house together, eyes locked into each other romantically.

Imlie asks about the decorations which were done during her wedding are removed now and so asks others to get ready for completing the remaining rituals.

Chini with a face of frustration looks at Imlie.

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