Imlie 22nd January 2024 Written Update

Imlie 22nd January 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie 22nd January 2024 episode starts with Agastya saying that he wrote I love you on the cake for Jugnu only and then feeds him the cake.

She snatches the ring from Agastya and asks if he got the ring for Jugnu too after which she whispers and says that he should give the ring to the girl he wants to.

Meanwhile, Radha tells Imlie that Alka is suspicious of her but Agastya enters and takes her and everyone to the hall where he holds Imlie's hand.

He bends down to his knees and says that she came to his life like a storm and changed everything, he then presents her with the ring and says that he feels like he will love someone forever.

Alka stops him and says that Imlie has deceived them all as she has brought Meera into the house and not her Kaki Maa Radha.

Agastya is shocked while Alka demands Meera to lift her veil up however Anapoorna says that Alka has been behind Radha all day long.

Alka says that the tattoo on Meera's neck gives her away and also that she recognizes her voice after which she lifts the veil herself revealing Meera to everyone.

Anapoorna disbalances and asks that she was supposed to be in jail to which Meera replies that she was proven innocent and has not killed Kunal.

Govind tells Anapoorna that she is telling the truth after which Imlie says that Meera is her Kaaki Maa Radha.

Anapoorna asks Imlie while crying why did she bring her here then to which Meera replies that Imlie did not know about her real identity.

Alka holds Meera's hand and throws her out of the house, everyone goes inside the house while Imlie and Agastya stay outside.

Imlie picks Meera up who tells her that she wants Imlie and Agastya to be together and be happy and not care about her.

Meera then leaves while Agastya simply stares at her with a tear in his eye.

Alka asks if Imlie knew the truth to which Anapoorna replies that Imlie never lies after which she tells Imlie that she knows that Imlie was unaware of Meera's reality however that woman is responsible for Kunal's murder.

Several hours later, Imlie goes to Meera and asks her to tell her the entire truth about that night.

Meanwhile, Bulbul brings a guy for help who turns out to be the boss of the watchman, he throws Bulbul onto Karan and Sonali.

Elsewhere, Meera tells Imlie how Kunal was involved in an extramarital affair with her making her give birth to Agastya however Kunal took the baby and went away.

Meera says that she found out about Kunal's marriage so she decided to confront him and take her son back however the killer came and killed Kunal.

She says that she started to live in the shadows to protect herself from the killer and one day she decided to kill herself by jumping into the river.

Meera continues to tell Imlie that it is over there she found Imlie and her sister but the killer never left her trail and that is why he is after Imlie now.

Imlie asks who is the killer but before she could reply the Killer enters along with a dead body of a priest.

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