Imlie 22nd March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 22nd March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 22nd March 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 22nd March 2023 episode starts with Rudra calling out to Atharva, and he orders Dhairya to keep an eye outside the conference room to ensure that no one enters.

Rudra then instructs Atharva to initiate the presentation, in which Atharva prays Imlie to be present and assist him yet again.

He slowly opens the laptop and looks at Rudra, who appears perplexed.

Meanwhile, Keya and Akash are guffawing in their room, celebrating their success in showing less of Atharva in front of Rudra.

They also mock poor Imlie, who will undoubtedly fail to save Atharva this time.

Devika and Shivani, on the other hand, ask Ginni and Rippu to thank Imlie as she is taking time away from her own work to assist the two kids.

Meanwhile, Imlie arrives at Rudra's office and notices Dhairya outside the door.

He motions Dhairya to the side so she can enter and help Atharva, but he refuses.

Dhairya claims it's his job, and Rudra has instructed him to monitor on the door so no one enters the conference room.

Imlie still appears desperate and begs Dhairya to let her in, reminding him of his earlier promise to help her with her social work, to which Dhairya is baffled and asks Imlie if helping Atharva is social work.

Simultaneously, Atharva informs Rudra and everyone that the proposal isn't ready, which surprises them, and one of the clients demands that Atharva pitch a rough idea about the proposal, but Imlie calls Atharva.

She asks Atharva to look outside and informs him that the proposal is ready.

Atharva appears puzzled, but he agrees to do whatever Imlie says, including bringing the clients outside.

As Atharva and everyone reach outside, Imlie explains over the phone the importance of investing in cars and cutting-edge technology to reduce the number of accidents.

Atharva explains it so well that the clients are impressed by both the trucks as well as seeing the employees.

Atharva concludes his point by stating that the staff is the primary backbone of Rana Industries and that it is more than just an investment.

The client then finalizes the agreement with Rudra and Imlie, who seem to be overjoyed.

Meanwhile, Keya enters Imlie's room and, after searching everywhere, calls out Devika and Shivani, informing them of Imlie's escape and her lack of responsibility towards Ginni and Rippu, to which Ginni objects, saying Imlie has already checked their assignments.

Imlie then goes to her office, where her boss begins praising her for completing her task at any cost.

He then assigns Imlie a new task in which she must investigate all smuggling cases involving in transportation companies, which causes Imlie concern because she does not want Rana Industries' name to be mentioned.

Meanwhile, Rudra, Atharva, and Manish arrive at the mansion, and Rudra informs everyone that the deal was successfully signed, prompting everyone to congratulate Atharva.

Rudra then summons a large party and announces that he will make a major confirmation at that time, and Atharva resolves to tell Rudra the truth.

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