Imlie 23rd February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 23rd February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 23rd February 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 23rd February 2023 episode starts with Atharva agreeing to perform all the post-wedding rituals which make Imlie happy.

While they make preparations for the rituals, Keya and Shivani don’t understand why Atharva would not tell Imlie the truth.

Atharva overhears them and tells them that Imlie is not in a condition to handle the truth.

Keya reminds him that he was the one who left the actual rituals but he replies that he is eager to learn from his past mistakes.

On the other hand, Arpita thanks Devika for taking care of Imlie and doing the fake preparations for her sake.

Rudra tells her that though Atharva and Imlie were about to divorce, they always treated Imlie like their daughter.

As Atharva tells Rudra that if they talk on this subject Imlie may hear them as she comes over.

The topic is changed as she comes down the flight of stairs in a gorgeous attire that everyone begins to praise.

Imlie calls Chini to help her out in the game which is a part of the ritual since Chini always has a strategy to win.

As the rituals begin, Atharva feels lucky to have gotten a second chance and plans to rectify his mistakes while Chini feels all of her plans have been wasted when they were so close to execution.

Imlie realizes Atharva let her win but he tells her that she won’t understand the reason.

Meanwhile, she asks Chini to decorate their room for her first night with Atharva.

Chini decorates the room not just with flowers but also lays thorns on the bed to ruin Imlie’s night.

When Imlie and Atharva reach the room, she tells him she wants them to spend time together while he tells her that he doesn’t want to make her uncomfortable.

He thinks to himself that if she had chosen to sleep separately before the accident, then he must respect the choice and not take advantage of her memory loss.

He brings her medicine and tells her that they have their whole lives to spend together so they can sleep separately for tonight.

Meanwhile, Chini feels the thorns prick her and is surprised at how they reached her.

Imlie comes over and tells her that she thought that the flower vendor sent them along by mistake.

She adds that she has changed so Chini better not make any mistakes from now on.

When Imlie leaves, Chini realizes that memory loss may all be an act while Imlie recalls how she overheard Chini in the hospital plotting to get to Atharva.

She coordinated with the doctors to expose Chini by faking memory loss.

Imlie is determined to make Chini expose the truth about herself by just aiding the process.

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