Imlie 23rd January 2024 Written Update

Imlie 23rd January 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie 23rd January 2024 episode starts with Imlie and Meera running out of the back gate to see the killer.

The killer catches hold of them and stabs Meera's hand in the temple.

The killer then walks towards Imlie when she takes the Trishool from God's idol and holds it like her weapon.

She attacks his face brutally cutting through his face after which she rings the bells so that people gather around her.

The killer runs away hearing the voices of the people approaching.

Meanwhile, Agastya is relieved to see Imlie outside the house however she has brought Meera who is badly injured which makes Agastya pick her up and take her inside the house.

Meanwhile, the goon accuses Kunal of ruining their family in front of Sonali and Karan, he continues to say that Kunal came in one evening with a mask and a shawl and caused a big explosion.

Sonali and Karan realize that he is talking about Imlie's killer.

Later, Imlie tells everyone that Meera will come back to consciousness soon which relieves Agastya to which Alka says that Agastya has forgotten everything.

Agastya says that he is a human and humanity comes first to him.

Imlie says that Meera is innocent in the eyes of the law and also says that she knows this family is deeply wounded however they need to leave their bias and see the truth.

Annapurna says that even if she is not a murderer she still stole Alka's husband from her.

Alka calls Meera characterless which makes Imlie reply that Kunal was equally involved in that relationship and he was the one who betrayed her trust.

She tells her that Kunal hid the reality of his marriage from Meera as well.

Alka says that Meera ruined her life by coming to her life to which Imlie replies that if Meera had not come then some other woman would have because Kunal wanted a son.

Alka feels that Imlie is making fun of her incapacity of producing a son to which Imlie says that Alka is the one who differentiates between a girl and a boy but this is not her fault but Kunal's as he instilled this belief in her.

Agastya says that Imlie is being blinded by Meera's love to which Imlie replies that it is okay if Agastya does not want Meera in the house but she has some responsibility towards Meera and will leave the house along with her.

Later, Imlie and Meera are about to leave the house when Agastya says that Imlie is not safe outside the house and that is why he has decided to leave along with the two.

Anapoorna blames Imlie for making Agastya choose one between them and Meera.

She then says that no one has to go anywhere and Meera can stay in their house for some time.

A while later, Imlie goes to Agastya who is troubled, and shows him the ring that fell outside to which Agastya replies that the ring was supposed to be a token of their love however now he feels betrayed in love.

He says that he does not want to hear any more of it and wants Imlie to leave.

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