Imlie 23rd June 2023 Written Update

Imlie 23rd June 2023 Written Update

Imlie 23rd June 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 23rd June 2023 episode starts with Dhairya noticing Reyansh and Mr Mehta leaving and rushing towards the hut.

On the other hand, Kairi shouts at two masked men that they are evil while the goons tell her to stay quiet.

Dhairya shouts for Imlie and she tells him to leave her and go after Reyansh.

She tells him about Reyansh kidnapping Kerry too and tells him to save Kairi while he reminds her how she had promised Kairi to bring back Atharva.

Dhairya finds a shawl and starts trying to walk into the burning hut.

Meanwhile, Imlie starts feeling unconscious as her mind reels her memories of Kairi.

Dhairya manages to kick the front door and enter the hug while he sees Imlie and rushed to save her.

He also wraps her in a shawl and brings her out after which he wakes her up.

He tells her that she should go to the hospital while Imlie says that she needs to keep the promise she made to Kairi and find her and Atharva both.

However, Dhairya reminds her how the police are looking for her.

Back at the Rana house, Reyansh calls a distressed Cheeni and tells her that he saw Imlie.

He lies that saw Imlie trying to stop a taxi and going to stop her but she hit him with a rod and escaped.

Reyansh tells her that he is sure Imlie has kidnapped both Kairi and Atharva.

Cheeni disconnects the call and the family members start calling Imlie a criminal.

However, Cheeni thinks about how Imlie cannot even hurt a fly unintentionally and leaves the house saying that she will bring everyone back.

Later, Reyansh is in his practice room trying to scare Kairi as he is wearing a black mask.

However, Kairi is not scared of him and tells him to let her go while a joker enters the room.

Reyansh tells the Joker to take care of Kerry since she is a smart kid and leaves while Kairi starts scaring the Joker with her screams.

However, the joker gets a hold of himself and manages to scare Kairi while two other jokers also come there.

They convince the main joker that they are also a part of the team and reveal themselves to be none other than Imlie and Cheeni.

The story goes into a flashback showing Cheeni getting into her car and seeing Imlie sitting in the passenger seat.

Imlie tries to convince her saying that she did not kidnap Atharva or Kerry but Cheeni states that she already knows and talks about her doubt about Reyansh.

Imlie confirms her doubt by talking about how Reyansh tried to burn her in the fire while Cheeni also talks about Reyansh calling them and lying about Imlie hitting him and escaping.

Back in the present, Cheeni and Imlie thrash the joker now revealed as Mr Mehta, and escape from the room.

However, Reyansh returns to the room and gets shocked to see Mr Mehta tried up and asks him what happened.

As the tape is removed from his face, Mr Mehta reveals that Cheeni and Imlie have taken Kairi.

Reyansh calls his security and tells them to lock all exits and to make sure that the girls do not escape.

Cheeni and Imlie try to find an escape while looking for Atharva when they get surrounded by goons as Reyansh and Mr Mehta arrive there.

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