Imlie 23rd March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 23rd March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 23rd March 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 23rd March 2023 episode starts with Atharva getting down on one knee and offers Imlie a rose, making her blush.

As Atharva sits on one knee, he congratulates Imlie on the success of her first assignment as an assistant reporter and thanks her for the assistance she provided today in signing the contract.

Imlie smiles as Atharva holds her and tells her what a wonderful lady she is. 

Atharva informs her that he must inform Rudra of everything today, but Imlie asks him to reconsider what he is doing.

They both laugh, and Imlie tells Atharva to get ready because the party is about to begin.

Meanwhile, as the party begins, Akash notices Dhairya and begins to insult him for his presence, but Atharva intervenes and tells Akash not to make a fuss because it is Rudra's party.

Atharva intends to apologize to Dhairya, but he immediately attempts to leave when Atharva stops him.

As Atharva apologizes for Akash's rude behavior, Dhairya tells him to stop making up statements and calls him a spoiled rich kid.

Imlie confronts Dhairya, calling him a disrespectful man who always wants to classify people based on their social standing.

Imlie asks Dhairya if he has the nerve to look her in the eyes and confront the truth, then he must follow her into another room.

Meanwhile, while Atharva, Imlie, and Dhairya occupy a separate room, Imlie explains to Dhairya everything and how Atharva was the one who wanted to follow his passion to enter the music industry despite Rudra's business and just because Rudra was standing alone in his business, Atharva left everything for his beloved father.

When Imlie continues to speak, Dhairya's face turns red, and he leaves.

Meanwhile, at the party, Akash shows Keya the CCTV footage of Imlie assisting Atharva outside Rudra's office, and Akash assurances to play the video once the party starts.

Atharva and Imlie arrive as Rudra and his associate businessmen are discussing, and Atharva confronts Rudra with the truth about Imlie making both proposals.

Everyone in the party is stunned after hearing Atharva, and Imlie also informs Rudra that she only added about four lines and that the true data was provided to her by Dhairya.

Atharva then apologizes profusely for his behaviour, but seeing comfort and belief in Rudra's eyes after so many years, he was simply unable to speak the truth soon and declares himself unworthy of this position.

Meanwhile, one of the businessmen claims Rudra's sons are cheap, and he must consider not signing the contract right away.

He also tells Atharva not to support Imlie when he is unable to understand a simple corporate strategy.

Imlie explains to him that not everyone in the world is born to be a businessman and explains Atharva's talent and passion for music.

Devika then interrupts and invites everyone to dinner, at which point Imlie smiles and Atharva says he is relieved to finally bring the truth to everyone.

Imlie's boss later calls her and informs her that he has sent her the names of the transportation companies where smuggling is taking place, one of which is Rana Industries.

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