Imlie 24th February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 24th February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 24th February 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 24th February 2023 episode starts with Imlie determined that she will make Chini spill the truth about herself on her own.

Chini, on the other hand, doubts that the memory loss is just a ruse to get back at her.

She heads downstairs to find Sundar and Arpita asking her to go back home with them since they can’t take Imlie right now.

However, Chini doesn’t want to go home and let the closeness between Atharav and Imlie grow in her absence.

She convinces Sundar and Arpita to let her stay to take care of Imlie and get a chance to serve Imlie and pay off her kindness.

On the other hand, Imlie announces that today she will cook for the first time at her in-law’s place, an important ceremony after marriage and tells everyone she will cook the dish of Chini’s choice.

Atharva is surprised and asks why the food will be of Chini’s choice and not of his choice, as the custom of making the dish is liked by the husband.

She tells him that she’s got Chini’s bags packed and she must leave now for she has surely overstayed her welcome at Imlie’ in-laws’ house.

Chini tries convincing Imlie that she will take care of her but Imlie is adamant.

Finally, when Keya insists that Chini stays for a few days to take care of Imlie, she agrees to it.

Later, when Keya and Chini talk, Chini tells her she is determined to make Atharv love her by becoming just as sweet and caring as Imlie is in front of him.

Meanwhile, Atharav talks to Imlie who looks tensed and asks her to take her medicines.

She tells him she only needs him right now to ease her restlessness and anxiety and Atharva promises to be with her.

Imlie recalls Atharv's words that they are just friends and knows all his sweetness is just because she has a “memory loss” but reminds herself to continue this act for exposing Chini.

As Atharv heads out to get medicines for Imlie, Chini asks to accompany him but is stopped by Imlie who begs her to stay to take care of her.

She pretends to feel sick as soon as Atharva leaves and makes Chini sit by her side, trying to trap her in her own plans.

When Atharva gets the medicines, he tries to flirt his way into Imlie taking the pills but Imlie points out that Chini is right beside them so they must not flirt.

Chini who is burning with jealousy on the inside, hides it and Atharva fails to convince Imlie to take the pills and then calls the whole family to convince her.

She’s forced to take the medicine she needs but spills it out of her mouth as soon as everyone leaves but a spying Chini witnesses this.

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