Imlie 24th February 2024 Written Update

Imlie 24th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie 24th February 2024 episode starts with Alka talking to someone on the phone and asking why did she not throw the baby as she suspects that Agastya's brother is back.

Sonali enters and starts doubting Alka.

Later, Sonali tells Imlie that Surya bought the house legally so why does she hate him so much which reminds Imlie of everything he said to her.

Imlie tells Sonali everything which scares Sonali.

Meanwhile, Surya is talking to Malti who is crying and asking how will he find out about Raghu to which Surya says that he will start with Shivani as she is the weakest of them all.

Later that night, Shivani is not able to sleep because of Raghu's memories so she heads to the kitchen to fetch water where Surya is already there.

Surya acts warmly around her as he knows he looks like her brother, he gives her some water and then asks her what is troubling her as she is like a sister to him.

Shivani is reminded of Agastya after which Surya says that Shivani can trust him with all problems.

Shivani is about to say something and Sonali and Imlie come and take her away.

Imlie goes back to Surya and asks why was he troubling Shivani which makes Surya say that is why Radha Rani's fan girl is so worried about what Shivani is going to say.

Imlie says that she used to work in a bar so she is not scared of anyone after which Surya says his dream is to hurt the family badly.

That night, Imlie has a nightmare where she sees everyone dead and killed by Surya which makes her wake up in sweat.

The next day, the family is all set to move out of the house however the door does not open and Surya comes there saying that he closed the door so that they do not go anywhere.

He says that he wants them to stay in the Pooja to which Anapoorna says that she cannot say no to Agastya's face.

After a while, Binni tells Surya that Agastya is her husband which makes Surya say that Agastya married Imlie as he heard in the village.

Binni says that it was a contract marriage as Imlie was a gold digger.

Imlie's eyes swell up with tears as Surya stands in front of her.

Later, Surya is making himself lemon juice when Imlie goes to him.

Surya says that everyone will suspect her of falling in love with Surya to which Imlie says that she will keep an eye on him until she saves her family from him.

Surya sarcastically says that he likes Imlie's attitude as he is habitual of girls eyeing him.

He hands over the lemon juice to Jags and says that he needs to give it to everyone.

Meanwhile, Alka is getting impatient as she wants to move out of the house which further adds to Sonali's suspicion.

Sonali takes Alka's phone and calls the number dialed by Alka and finds out that there was another baby however the person on the other end finds out that Alka is not on the call so she hands up before saying much.

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