Imlie 24th January 2024 Written Update

Imlie 24th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie 24th January 2024 episode starts with Imlie feeling heartbroken because Agastya is not ready to talk to her.

Later, Agastya goes to Imlie's room where Meera is sleeping on the bed and Imlie on the floor.

The next morning, Imlie feeds Meera some food when Anapoorna yells Agastya's name.

Imlie finds out that Agastya has left the house while Alka constantly blames her which makes Imlie leave the house and say that she will bring Agastya back.

Elsewhere, Imli encounters Vishwa who tells her that soon the Chaudharies will kick her out of the house.

Imlie asks him how is he literally everywhere to which Vishwa says that he just wants Agastya to commit suicide just like his father.

She slaps him tightly saying that if he says this again then he will kill him and also she will soon prove Meera's innocence.

While Imilie proceeds to leave, Vishwa stops her and says that he has tracked Agastya's phone and he is at home only.

Imlie is confused and leaves for Chaudhary mansion where she calls Agastya and finds him sleeping in his car and disconnecting her call.

Imlie who is now angry informs everyone that Agastya has been found after which she starts driving the car while Agastya wakes up and asks Imiie to stop the car, as she doesn't have proper training to drive the car.

She says that she will stop the car once he is ready to hear her out and she learned to drive by seeing him drive.

Agastya says it is not her pinky cycle.

Elsewhere, the boss watchman refuses to believe when Sonali tells him that the masked man can't be Kunal Singh Chaudhary as he died many years ago.

She tries to cut off her ropes with the help of a broken glass after which she frees herself from the rope and asks the boss of the watchmen to join her in finding the masked man as both of them are looking for him.

Meanwhile, Imlie tells Agastya that he needs to give Meera a chance to prove her innocence however Agastya's concern is the road on which Imlie is driving.

She asks Agastya to promise her that he will give Meera a chance to which Agastya says that he will give her a chance but for now she needs to stop.

Imlie then says nervously that she does not know how to stop the car which makes Agastya jump onto the front seat and help her leading to an abrupt stop and making the two at a mere distance of a centimeter.

They get out of the car and find Vishwa which makes Agastya and him hold each other's collar.

Imlie stops the two and says that their culprit is the same and they need to work in accordance.

She continues to say that their facts are incomplete and the full story is something completely different, she shares the information that Meera gave her.

Imlie says that now Vishwa is an adult and he should find the truth himself.

Elsewhere, Meera hears the Agastya has not eaten anything so she goes to Jugnu and asks for some ingredients so that she can make Laddos and later Imlie joins her.

Meanwhile, Sonali, Karan, and the boss reach the police station to find the records of the killer.

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