Imlie 24th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 24th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 24th May 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 24th May 2023 episode starts with Atharva pushing the wheel cart with all his strength as Imlie sits on it.

She holds Kerry on her lap and assuring her that she will be alright soon.

However, after a short distance, Atharva and Imlie come upon a road barricade which makes them both nervous because they are running out of time.

When Atharva sees the inspector, he begs him to release the barricade since he needs to get to the hospital right away but the cops refuse.

Imlie holding Kerry requests the cops to have compassion on this small child and let them go because the child is unconscious due to fever.

Meanwhile, Cheeni arrives at the hut but becomes concerned when she sees no one there.

However, she discovers Atharva's jacket and the driver informs Cheeni that Imlie and Atharva have gone to the next city hospital to admit Kerry.

Meanwhile, the police officers drop Atharva and Imlie off at the hospital and Imlie thanks them for their assistance with a smile.

As the doctor checks Kerry, Atharva, and Imlie exchange worried details about how Kerry caught a cold.

As the nurse prepares to give her an injection, Imlie, and Atharva both close their eyes because they can't see Kerry in pain.

Atharva turns his head to the left and looks at Imlie, wondering why Imlie is so confined to Kerry even after she planned to kill her in the womb.

As the nurse approaches and requests Kerry's parents' signature, Imlie prepares to sign but Atharva snatches it away and orders her to stay away.

Imlie breaks down and insists that Atharva explain the truth about Kerry's mother and why she no longer lives with them.

With a dead expression, Atharva walks away, while Imlie continues her quest to know who Kerry's mother is today.

Dhairya raises a gun at himself in the airport and demands to depart quickly, ordering police officers not to stop him.

Meanwhile, Cheeni comes in and asks Atharva how Kerry is, which surprises Imlie.

Imlie's eyes well up with tears when Dhairya walks in, and he expresses his regret for her not being able to make it to the airport.

When Dhairya finds Atharva and Cheeni in front of him, he too is taken aback and grabs Imlie's arm for comfort.

Imlie becomes perplexed and frustrated and asks Cheeni whether she knew Atharva had been in Goa all these years.

Cheeni looks startled while Imlie, tears streaming down her cheeks, asks Atharva who Kerry's mother is, and Atharva holding Cheeni's hand confesses that it is Cheeni.

Imlie takes a step back in surprise, and Cheeni smiles as Atharva refers to her as Kerry's mother.

Meanwhile, Dhairya looks at him with hatred in his stare.

Imlie relates how Cheeni was the one who tried with all her effort to separate them both, but Atharva informs them that this time they are separated but the reason is Dhairya.

She storms off and sits on a bench, crying her heart out and Dhairya follows her wiping her tears from her face, feeling terrible for her.

Dhairya sits by Imlie as Imlie asks if he knew Atharva was alive and with a disturbed expression, he replies that only Rudra informed him about Atharva the day before.

Imlie stands in annoyance, murmuring that she has been kept in the dark for all these years, and begs Dhairya to leave her alone for the time being.

Meanwhile, Kerry awakens and orders Atharva and Cheeni to bring back Princess Mumma.

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