Imlie 25th February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 25th February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 25th February 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 25th February 2023 episode starts with Chini spying on Imlie who spills out the medicine after everyone leaves and throws it away.

Chini realises that Imlie is playing some twisted game and the memory loss is just an act which explains how after the accident, she’s been acting over smart.

Chini makes a phone call to raise her suspicions about Imlie and a while later, she meets up with Keya who reveals the actor she has hired to be a doctor.

When Chini brings the doctor home, Atharva is reluctant to get the opinion of another doctor while Imlie’s treatment is ongoing with a different doctor.

The fake doctor tells everyone that he has seen several cases of memory loss and the patients fail to get their memory back for years if handled delicately.

He adds that Imlie needs someone to remind her of the truth that will bring back the memory due to shock.

Keya and Chini convince Atharva to give this method who reluctantly agrees for Imlie’s sake.

The “doctor” tells Imlie that she got married a few months ago but Atharva was in love with her sister and that, they were headed for divorce.

Imlie pretends the information is too much for her to take in and fakes a panic attack.

Atharva calms her down telling her that she needn’t believe anyone’s truth and that he will be there for her whenever she needs him is the only truth she needs to believe.

Atharva scolds Chini for bringing in a doctor and tells her that he can handle everything but cannot see tears in Imlie’s eyes.

He reminds everyone how Imlie stands by everyone despite everything while she eavesdrops on the whole thing, happy to finally receive the recognition she deserves.

Keya talks to Anu about how she doubts Imlie’s memory loss is a ruse and also that, she has started to be one step ahead of her now.

Anu tells Keya to target Imlie's weakness and expose her act in front of everyone.

Arpita informs everyone that Imlie feels better and though Shivani taunts that ever since Imlie has joined their family, some or the other mishappening has occurred but Rudra quietens her.

Everyone decides that hosting a party for Imlie will uplift her mood and decide to tell her it’s the reception party.

Chini overhears about the party and is determined to ruin the party by exposing Imlie’s act.

Atharva tells Imlie about the party and says she needn’t worry about getting ready.

While he showers her with compliments, she is constantly reminded that he really wants a divorce.

Atharva feels bad for realizing the importance of Imlie in his life so late and regrets it.

He tells Imlie that he wants to show her off to the whole world but is shocked when she says she will recite the poems she wrote for it’s the best way to know her.

He recalls how she hid her poems when she had just gotten married and is perplexed while Imlie realizes her mistake and bites her lip, worried that Atharva will find out the truth.

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