Imlie 25th January 2023 Written Update

Imlie 25th January 2023 Written Update

Imlie 25th January 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 25th January 2023 episode starts with Atharva scolding Cheeni that she didn't even think for a bit before stealing Imlie's poem and quoting them as hers.

Atharva's face show disgust as he stares at Cheeni who is speechless right now.

Imlie tries to cover up her mistake, telling Atharva that she got greedy before since Arto used to feel a special connection with those Shayari's.

However, Atharva makes it clear that it is the worse act if you steal an artist's craft since he is an artist too.

Cheeni tells him that earlier, she used to lie but now she is not lying.

On the other hand, Imlie is trying to uncover a false note-printing scam and sees three people, hurriedly stuffing fake notes inside their jeep.

She decides to follow them without telling anyone.

Meanwhile, Imlie follows those men and ends up in a weird feeling Spa where this scam is happening.

Since nobody is there, she records everything with her camera quietly.

Due to bad luck, Imlie creates noise and gets recognized by two people involved in the scam.

She runs away from them and goes to hide in a storeroom, while one of the goons asks his friend to increase the temperate of the room.

From the restaurant, Atharva tries to call Imlie but she doesn't pick up.

Chini is only concerned to get the 'I love you' out of Arto's mouth and asks him again and again.

However, Atharva leaves her stranded and she internally fumes at his dismissal and his mind constantly chanting "Imlie, Imlie".

Imlie loses confidence as she picks Atharva's call, feeling suffocated.

Atharva tells her that she is a fighter and leaves to fetch Imlie by tracking her phone.

Chini goes to Anu with a sour face and gets Abhishek's call.

Abhishek asks Chini if she is still mad at him but she gets the call when he says he wants them to focus on their marriage.

Anu tells Chini to leave Abhi while Chini thinks about what is cooking between Atharva and Imlie.

Imlie's breath hitches and her face turns red due to the temperate and she pulls out her phone to record evidence against the scammers.

Atharva reaches there in time and smashes the glass door to save Imlie.

Imlie finally breathes as he makes her sit on the ground and scolds her for not telling him she was discovering a scam.

The goons greet Atharva too and Imlie pulls out her phone.

Atharva asks the goons to be ashamed since today Imlie is not in her form.

When the goons smash a bottle on Atharva's back and neck, he beats them back with Imlie standing up and pushing them with a stick.

The police reach there and Imlie gives them the recording as a piece of evidence.

The police praise Imlie while she looks at Atharva and says she has what she wanted before.

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